Blue Moon: City

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Move pawn around tiles representing the city, use cards for special benefits (moving dragons, extra move, etc) and spending cards of a given color in order to place a cube on the tile. When cube spots on tile are filled, players with cubes on the tile earn rewards and tile flips. Players periodically move to the center of play area to spend crystals to build the obelisk, which is how the game is won.


What a surprisingly great game for 2p - my wife and I really enjoy this one. Also played with 3, which was fun as well, especially as I bluffed my way to a sneaky win ;-)


nice card driven bounus game.. good for folk who like puting together card combos..


Some interesting ideas and the variable board is fun, but in the end, this is a race game with limited strategy.SOLD, October 2014


by paka

Second game bought. Nice, until it was more or less "discovered" by me. After that kinda lost its lust. Pretty game tho. (~10 games before started counting)


One of our all-time favorite games. Beautiful, the rebuilding theme is appealing, works well at two players, and gets better the more you play. We tried Blue Moon/Blue Moon Legends a few times and were sorely disappointed but Blue Moon City is the bees knees.


Very nice game; tough decisions, pretty components, and fast-moving. Another good Knizia. I was hoping for another stellar Knizia, but I knew that this shared next to nothing with the original Blue Moon--so I wasn't too disappointed. [EDIT] It seems to work really well, but it almost always ends with every other player one turn away from winning; that is not a good sign.


This certainly has the feel of another "Reiner Math Puzzle". While this sounds like an insult, it isn't. I like Reiner's games (most of them, at any rate). I can appreciate what he's done here, but the only thing I don't understand is why he didn't have any TWO POINT CRYSTAL tokens included -- just one and three crystals. This is quite odd to me. Still, this isn't a bad game... I enjoy it.


2008/06/10 - Me and my wife's current favorite....


After three games on the same evening, each of which had rules errors due to the teacher having been taught incorrectly, I will play this again. I don't think I'm going to suggest it though. Rating may change after playing correctly. 2009-09-24 Having played it correctly the rating isn't changing, it is a high 7 though.


Initial impression. I enjoyed learning the game, and would happily play again.


[GAUDET] Nice, quick resource management and economics game. I was surprised how quickly a game can be over. There almost always seemed to be one obvious play, but I still enjoyed the gameplay and I can see many great possibilities.


Quite fun, though I'm nearing 10 plays and still not sure how much of a factor luck of the draw is. Also the game is pretty can feel like you were just a turn away from winning every time (though really I suspect had you played a little better you might have won).






It's fine, but I don't feel like it offers anything new or intriguing.


Gameplay very easy to grasp initially. Great next step after a gateway game.


The fantasy theme is off-putting for me; I used to love this theme but now it doesn't cut it for me. No dragons for me thanks.