Blue Moon City board game
Blue Moon City board game

Blue Moon City

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The Dark Age is over. The royal heirs, who caused the conflict and the destruction of Blue Moon City, have fled, and their corrupt advisors have been banished to faraway lands. Blue Moon City lies in ruin, but the people have vowed to restore the city to its former magnificence! Blue Moon City the board game picks up where the two-player card game ended as players quest to reconstruct the destroyed city. Vie to impress the dragons, collect crystals and ultimately gain the leadership of Blue Moon City!

In Blue Moon City, you must move across the modular tile board and use contributions from the eight people of Blue Moon to rebuild the city's buildings. Players that help in the restoration of buildings will be granted rewards for their efforts. Contribute to a building in the presence of one of the mighty Dragons and receive valuable tokens of their appreciation!

Collect cards, tokens, valuable crystals, and make the holy Offerings needed to become the next leader of Blue Moon City!

4 Player Miniatures
40 Player Markers
3 Dragon Miniatures
3 Counter Bases
25 Double-sided Tiles
80 People Cards
1 Obelisk
57 Tokens
1 Rulebook

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  • The theme with a lot of occult and sacrifices to gods didn't work for me. I love fantasy, but dislike this amount of focus spent on occultism.
  • Move pawn around tiles representing the city, use cards for special benefits (moving dragons, extra move, etc) and spending cards of a given color in order to place a cube on the tile. When cube spots on tile are filled, players with cubes on the tile earn rewards and tile flips. Players periodically move to the center of play area to spend crystals to build the obelisk, which is how the game is won.
  • What a surprisingly great game for 2p - my wife and I really enjoy this one. Also played with 3, which was fun as well, especially as I bluffed my way to a sneaky win ;-)
  • nice card driven bounus game.. good for folk who like puting together card combos..
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Dangit... #Blue Moon City has interested me for a while...

Haha, nice. I have a few games that are still on there that either have lost some appeal to me or are somewhat redundant in my collection. #Abyss is somewhat the latter. It looks like a fun game with a neat theme and art, but I just feel like I have games that feel similar and don't really need to be spending money on it. If it was super cheap I might snag it, but otherwise I should probably just take it off.

There's another category - the strictly mechanical game that is so dry that no one would be drawn to play it. Examples: #Tikal and #Blue Moon: City

The only one I've played so far is #Lost Cities, which I quite enjoy. Unfortunately my wife doesn't like it too much, haha. There are several of his games that I'd really like to try, though, so I'll definitely keep an eye on this one!

One of his games I'd like to try that doesn't seem to get much attention is #Blue Moon: City. I came across this in a Dice Tower list (I think from Zee), and it seems like a really fun, tactical, puzzley game. The only thing that's held me back, really, has been the aesthetics. I've seen numerous complaints that the colors are too similar, and that's a problem for this game.


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