Yedo Board Game

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Could have been a great game, but is marred by punishingly random events. Normally, this wouldn't be too bad, but in a game this long (our 4-er lasted about 3.5 hours including teaching) it's just too frustrating. I really am surprised those events made it through playtesting. It seems the designer(s) tried to make the game punishing, but in doing so, made it frustrating in the process. I don't mind the watchman making it risky for players to place disciples in a region, but the screwage from manipulating his movement is just too harsh as well. And add to that that your disciples (beyond 2) are not just returned without doing the action, but are lost!Apparently, you can play this game without the event cards (or, I can see even customizing the event deck). In that case, the game would be MUCH better, but would still run quite long for what it is. However, I'd be much more inclined to play it sans event cards.The rest of the game is pretty good though. I see the similarities to Princes of Florence, as others say. In fact, it's a fair step above PoF in terms of theme at least.


1 play with 5 players.Alright. There was a lot to like in this game. It is decidedly Euro of course, but it is dripping with theme. It combines many great mechanics from other games and weaves an enjoyable game out of it.However, it is also very long. Heading into epic game lengths, but unfortunately not delivering an epic game feel. I'm told less players makes it play a bit faster, and this information lends me to want to try it again sometime, as I enjoyed the game.


Need to play Yedo a few more times to cement the rating, but upon first blush, I'll call it a 7.Long playtime killed this one. I could never get it to the table, and the randomness of the weapons, etc. made it problematic to commit to.SOLD, January 2015.


So the mechanics are pretty solid, and based on a reading of the rules and what you read you get a bit worried about the event cards. And then you play the game, and discover that the events are relatively fine, but every other deck (of which there are several) are wildly imbalanced and out of whack. It's almost comical how little thought there was to how the disparity in event, bonus, and mission cards would affect the game. Who wants to play a 3 hour euro game where there is so much random nonsense? Apparently many people, but I don't know what they've been smoking.


I absolutely loved this game upon my first play. The board is large and beautifully cluttered with artwork. The objectives are easy to understand and you never feel completely stressed about what your next action could/should be. Great game!


Great game. Mega-Waterdeep is a good analogy.


A long first play, but very engaging. Hoping to get more interested in playing, as our first game was with 2.


excellent game


2-5, 150m