KINGMAKER: - Set in the midst of a chaotic English Civil War, KINGMAKER will astound you with its oppurtunity for diplomacy, fast moving play, simple mechanics, involved strategies, and sudden turns of fortune. Not a wargame in the classic mold, KINGMAKER is a game the entire family can enjoy-especially those who relish the role of the underdog and combining forces against the leader, be he Lancatrian or Yorkist. Each player is dealt a number of cards which comprise his faction of nobles with an inherent combat strength is supporting men-at-arms. These forces are increased when drawing cards conveying possesions of key fortified towns, fleets, companies of mercenary soldiers, support of bishops, and titles which increase a noble's inherent following. Players then maneuver their forces in such a way as to capture the 7 members of the royal families eligible to be proclaimed King (or Queen in the case of Margaret of Anjou). The faction which crowns the last surviving royal piece is declared the winner..


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