Pente board game
Pente is the classic game of capture and 5-in-a-row. Win by placing 5 stones in a row or by capturing 5 pairs of your opponent’s stones. This edition features beautiful new colors, 4 special powers stones and rules for an all new Pente plus version. Includes game board with striking dimensional graphics, 2 sets of vibrantly colored glass stones, 2 drawstring velvet storage bags, 4 green power stones and instructions for classic Pente and the all new Pente Plus variation. For 2 players or partners.

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  • There was a time when Pente was my main game addiction. My wife and I played hundreds of games (using the tournament variant as described in the rule book) over the course of a few months about five years ago. We recently drug the 20th A.E. out and the game remains one of our favorite abstract strategy games.
  • 2-player only
  • I thrifted this! 1983 edition, in full shrink(!) for 4 bucks!
  • 5 in a row using a Go board.
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