Triumph & Tragedy 2nd Edition

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I have a soft spot for games that merge economic, military, and political (see Senji), and this is definitely the playable wargame that has it all. A brilliant three-player design. I have some concerns (still) about Axis balance, but it doesn't seem inevitable that it's West and Soviets vs. Axis. It's a shame that this gem is being overshadowed by the vastly inferior (and admittedly not terribly similar) Churchill.


A lot lighter than I was expecting, or hoping for. The diplomacy and tech building isn't particularly special, nor is the block wargame. Altogether not a bad game, just not terribly remarkable.


Great and really well balanced game. Only apprehension on score is the length of the game. Would have enjoyed a little bit more historical immersion, but overall it is easy to see why it is a top war game.


There's nothing like it. Relatively small rules overhead outlines a sandbox that proves to be both historically plausible and narratively palpable. Lots of what if scenarios are open to the players: what if Germany never attacked Poland? France? What if Russia went to war with the Allies? What if Turkey was occupied by the British? What if the US entered the war 2 years early? Or two years late? Brilliant deep but simple diplomacy system. Lots of tension between maintaining defense and working towards mobilizing your army while also struggling to build industry and extend diplomatically. Each move you make gives more reason for your would be opponents to strike before it's too late.


Somewhere buried underneath all the fat of this 6-8 hour grind, there is a fun 3 hour game.