Raccoon Tycoon

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Well here's a game where they clearly thought of the name way before anything else. There's just nothing interesting here for me, which could be at least tolerable if there were more raccoons. The only real animal stuff is on the railroad cards and you barely see them (although the art there is great). The rest of the game is very mechanical and while I know a lot of people like that kind of game I prefer a little more chaos. Adding cute wooden goods to a dull game isn't enough to make the whole package cute. I wish the massive first player raccoon token was...different.


When I backed, I really liked RT for the artwork and I was moderately interested in the gameplay. After my first play, I blown away by how much fun this game is. The gameplay is really engaging for all levels. The components are top notch in quality. I've received tons of compliments on the money. I'm looking forward to the expansion. I will definitely be backing it. I gave this a strong rating because it's definitely one of big surprises this year. My rating would be higher if - iron icon matched the anvil resources as players confuse wood and iron constantly - there were an easy way to hide money so that the each player knew their bankroll but it is hidden from opponents. Really helps with railroad bidding - deluxe version had tray for the bank


W/ Exp: The Fat Cat


My wife and I really like this game. One of the biggest downsides in the two player, at least for us, is the auctioning of railroads. As it is now, the first player says a number and then the second player either counters or doesn't. And that's it. We had an entire game where not a single railroad was picked. Because the money is kept secret (which is pretty fun), we have no idea what number to start with, so we just ignored it because the risk was too much. We found a house rule online that might work, so we're going to try it. Despite that, we're having a lot of fun with it. I'm now looking for something similar but heavier.