Tiny Epic Galaxies

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At least, in comparison to all the others that came before this. This replaced Eminent Domain for me.


The best of the 'Tiny Epic' games. There's a solid game here. Fiddly little pieces.


Rising up the ranks every time I play it. I love how the game kicks into overdrive, and every decision gets weightier and weightier as you near the end. My only gripe is that the game always ends way too quickly. There's so many cool planets with cool abilities, but I don't get to use many of them, at least for very long, before the game ends. You don't realize how many points you easily and quickly rack up (remember upgrading your colony gives you points as well), and it can happen pretty fast. Overall, a pretty great game that grows on you, but don't expect to build this massive sprawling empire, the game ends faster than that.


It's ok. Biggest gripe about it is long player turn times. I thought the other players aside from the main player will have things to do cause they can decide what they want with what the main player picks but the main player usually takes a long time deciding what to do with their dice. Led to a longer play time. Maybe it will be better with 2 players.


I am a sucker for space, and this one is a fun time to boot.


7.4 / 1-5p Best 3 / 30m / 2.13


Pure fun that's easy to teach. The solo is great! Very fun at all player counts. Interesting dice mitigation. I wish the planet powers were more useful. As many have said, the player mats should be the size of the box.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/tiny-epic-galaxies-2015/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/tiny-epic-galaxies-2015-accessibility-teardown/


Fantastic solo. Enjoy the theme and love the dice rolling. Not a ton of replayability after conquering the hardest level. Haven't mastered the game but has become easier with time for sure. With other players the follow action becomes half the game and is essential for winning or even really being competitive. This, however, leads you to be engaged in all movements during others turns.


Solo play was not just an after thought. The rogue galaxies are difficult to play against and it makes solo play really fun.


Impossible to strategize since your turn starts with randomness. Not enough player interaction. Boring theme.


I really enjoy playing this game. The 'culture' mechanic is very elegant, as it keeps players engaged since they might be able to piggyback off the active player. It provides a surprising amount of thoughtful decisions despite its small box and short length.


(7/16) 8. (10/17) Drop to 6. Gotta play this again to see why I was so high on it after the first play.