Caverna: The Cave Farmers

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by t2

Gift to Sam Christmas 2014, first played April 3, 2016. GCL:


Had a horrible rules explanation on a four player game with 3 players new to the game. I can see the appeal but it appears a little too static in the open.


Another fine Uwe game. Haven't met one I didn't like yet.


I'm not sure I see a reason to prefer this to Agricola. It's smoother in a lot of ways, to be sure, but between the slew of special buildings available at the outset (Caverna) and the cards (Agricola) I think I prefer the cards. They throttle information and choice, so as to prevent overload, and they also give a reason to pursue different approaches each game. Caverna already feels too samey. The flexibility afforded by rubies and expeditions are nice, but that might make them too dominant. It's a great game, to be sure--but not as great as its forebear.


Expansions: - The Forgotten Folk Very similar to Agricola, but rather than being focused on the family + farming situation, there's a lot more to do. You can send your dwarves on adventures as well as mine out a cave. I think I prefer Agricola a little more than this one, but they both have a spot in my collection as they both provide a fairly different experience. I'm still puzzled why they included 7 players worth of materials in the box because I don't know anybody who would ever try to play this game 7 players. First of all - who owns a table that big? Second of all - it'd take forever to play.


3 xx


This game is Agricola with a bit more going on. You get to do more, which feels good. You also have to do more, so if you have a bad start you can really feel up against the wall.


I'll be hesitant to play with five again, very unlikely to play with six or seven at all. The obvious comparisons to Agricola are present but (after a single game) I much prefer Agricola as the increased choices of action here make thinking about what's worthwhile harder. Leading to much more AP.


Caverna feels very similar to Agricola. I like it a little better because the sense of progression is strongest in Caverna. Simultaneously I like it a little less as I felt the rich amount of cards available in Agricola was better than the set # of tiles offered in Caverna.


More fun than Agricola, though I could see it being not as replayable.


July 2019 $51


SO much better than Agricola (aka Misery Farm)


Doesn't quite justify its table presence as well as AFFO, but Caverna is very solid.


Very cool game. Heavy, point-salad style worker placement. Impossible to put together a strategy until you study the available tiles or play a few times. Still, lots of fun to be had.


by 3MBG

Owned by a friend, this is an excellent game with many paths to victory.




1-7 Players 30-210 Minutes


I wonder how hard it would be to trade Agricola for this one


Love that you do not get brutally punished for not being able to do all the things. Also prefer the art to Agricola even though they are quite similar.


A "loose" version of Agricola, without cards. I love Agricola, so I would need to play this a few more times to figure out how I truly feel about it in comparison.


8.2 / 1-7 Best 4 / 30-120m / Overall 6 / Strategy 5 / 3.79


Agricola 2: Misery-Free Edition. Lack of structure is irritating and the setup/teardown is horrendous, but the real killer is the total removal of any tension.


Has the Broken Token insert.


It is a solid design, well balanced, and mechanically sound. It also offered me no reason to want to play it again. The mechanics don't feel thematic nor did they really interest me. The game seems like a straight forward optimization exercise that is only challenging because it offers too many options and no advice about which strategy to take.


Okay, it's a little bit of a silly Agricola variant. But it's a really fun one.


We absolutely love this game! It’s huge and sprawling, with amazing production quality and artwork. At first I was worried it would be too similar to Agricola but it’s really quite different. Caverna is more brain-melting and less stressful than Agricola. It feels like a very different game.


Love Caverna, but waiting awhile before introducing it to the wife. We've played A:ACBAS a few times, so she the transition won't be too crazy. Looking forward to playing this game a lot in the future.


No Review Description


Turns Agricola from a brutal, tightly-woven slugfest into a multiplayer solitaire efficiency sandbox. I get why people don't like Agricola, but this game isn't more interesting than the slew of other engine-building euros that compete for table time.


Have Broken Token organizer


Caverna is not as good of a game as Agricola, but it is more fun. Building out your cave with unique rooms (and abilities), and weaponizing your dwarves to reap the spoils of adventure are great additions to the Agricola mold. However, the tense and unforgiving scarcity of Agricola is completely lost, and the absence of the occupations/improvements is noticeable. Caverna is a more friendly, more 'fantastic' version of Agricola, but I prefer the ruthlessness of the simple farm.


(+) Multiple paths to victory, always feel enjoyment from what you built, planning your strategy and engine is fun, plays up to 7, great components and art, good rules, competitive without feeling stressful (-) Needs the variant setup in my opinion, expensive (though for everything you get I think it's worth the price), can drag if you have a lot of players, prone to AP, bad insert, a lot of furnishing tiles to keep track of, has some edge case rules that are not intuitive (+/-) It's nice that it plays up to 7, but it makes the game more expensive and can drag if you have that many playing.


Secret Santa BGG 2013


I'm always willing to play this game, and every time I play it I just want to play it again in hopes of trying something new out to get a few more points. There's just so many paths you can take to victory, it's just great watching everyone do different things, yet no one ends up falling behind in a major way typically.


(12/16) 9. Really, really liked it. I know people think it's a little too sandboxy or whatever and they may be right, but I had a really good time with it and looking forward to playing it again. (10/17) Drop to 8. While I've come around on Agricola, I loved Caverna immediately. Still it drops because I haven't had a chance to get it back to the table. Maybe the size is the issue, but I'd love to play it again.


Need to play a few times to get into the rhythm of the game.