Android Netrunner: Original Core Set

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Still not sure how I feel about this game. We must be terrible at it because it seems to really favor the runner.


LOVE the theme (used to have the original CCG version).. unfortunately it's only 2 players...and it's a pain to explain the rules, esp. to those not computer literate :>


The Perfect Card Game. Has the right amount of luck and skill, without being too complicated for new players while also being extremely deep for players who like to master games. Unfortunately the game is now out of print due to a license dispute so prices have inflated. But a dedicated community (NISEI) is keeping the game alive. If you would like to know how this game pairs up with magic the gathering, here is a link that summarizes everything you need to know.


by 3MBG

Easily the best customised card game i've ever played. Heaps of options, many decisions. Its pretty darned good. Unfortunately, a bad experience playing with others has damped my enthusiasm.


Game was awesome through the first two cycles. Complexity creep became overwhelming, and game was less fun as a casual player.


The fatigue is real. The new cards just aren't particularly interesting and play at the highest level has stagnated. That said, great played casually.


My wife suggested buying this and then we have never played it. Guess this will have to be my New Years resolution... Probably close to a year and finally got to play a few games. Initial thoughts are based on just the base game. It seems slightly to favour the hacker but that might just either be my bad luck. Still fun and having solo'd a couple of times now, it plays quick. Would recommend anyone playing this to try Android from FFG before hand to get some sense of theme.


I love this game, but with the caveat that I play casually ie not in tournaments with constructed decks. I don't even buy the LCG packs. I just love the amazing asymmetry and brilliant bluffing and cat and mouse in this game. Far superior to other games in its class like M:TG. There, I slaughtered the sacred cow.


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This game is great, I love the tension and hidden information. I can see myself playing this many times without tiring of it.


Still trying to figure out whether I like this game or not. Quick setup, so I like that. One issue is there's a fair amount of rules here that really limit the creativity and options of the player. While there's certainly some strategy, I don't feel like it's all that deep.


2, 45m


by afjb

fun deck building game for me as I am somewhat new to this game style. Yes, I play this game solitaire using the variants on BGG but I still find it to be a fun experience. As I am learning the game maybe I can introduce others to it but for now it is a fun way for me to understand the basic mechanics.


Android: Netrunner has always been on my radar, because of the theme, asymmetry, and its depth. I did not get into it after the news it would end, and grabbed more than enough to be able to experience the different angles of the game. Not planning to focus much on deck building, instead playing with balanced decks with my SO. I was afraid it might be hard to teach, but the tutorial decks have worked very well to grasp the basic structure. Moving on to "real" beginner decks.


Rating after one play. This was the first time that I played some sort of CCG. I liked the unbalanced nature of it. I played the runner and I was too cautious which lead to my downfall. I wouldn't mind playing this again.


Made own insert


Fun two player game, with a theme that manages to squeak through, and asymmetry that helps mix up the first few plays. But, without data packs the game runs dry fairly quickly, so unless you want to competitively deck build against your gaming friends, which would likely be quite fun, I'd steer clear. This game just isn't for me.


The game that has taken up the most thought-time in my mind-brain and it is spectacular. Nothing will match building something almost as large as the magic scene in the small town I was living in around this game when it was new. I find it hard to keep up with the meta given my current lifestyle, and can't really afford to own all the cards, but gosh this is my favorite game design. :')


Now that I’ve played this … theme: awesome. Mechanics: well done. Just not sure that it’s one I’d like to own.