Super Mario Level Up - The Strategy Game

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This one is very take that, and it's okay. It gains in the hidden agendas that each player has and trying to guess/bluff what you want to happen to prevent other users from messing up your plans. But the question blocks introduce a lot of randomness (skip a turn/play another turn anyone?) that is unwelcome. I think if the question blocks were nerfed a bit it would help. Coupled with the fact that the last round is worth double points (essentially nullifying the first two rounds to some degree). I think that it takes away from the game in the end to make it a light fun take that rather than something that deserves any serious repeated explorations of.


Solid reprint/retheme of what was a good game to begin with. The mindgames in the votes are really enjoyable, especially with some table talk. Best at higher player counts.