El Grande

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This classic area control game can be pretty chaotic and thus somewhat hard to play long term strategically, but that's half the fun. Maybe a tad complicated for new players, but it is definitely never boring despite all the cubes.


7.8 / 3-5p Best 5 / 60-120m / Overall 40 / Strategy 31 / 3.09


First game was with 3 players. An area control mechanism that we found didn't play like a rethemed version of risk. Can see this becoming one of our favourites due to cards providing replay ability and variability.


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2-5, 90m


This game is in a class of its own. So simple to teach, yet gameplay is incredibly deep and complex. It's a highly tactical game (in other words: interactive); you are continually forced to react to your opponents' decisions, and I find this to be a wonderful thing. El Grande is exactly the all-time area control classic you've always heard about. All other El Grande descendants are just adding mechanical ornaments for the sake of it. This is the one to play. The base really requires 5p to shine, but it scales beautifully across player counts with the King & Intrigue expansion, which also adds a strategic element that the base game lacks.


1play. 5 players. It is not that this is a bad game but a game that I certainly wouldn't want to play again. I didn't like the feeling of being trapped in one area. There didn't appear to be any flexibility in placing my cubes. I should also note that I played this game when I first got into boardgaming but I still get the heebee jeebies when I think about it. Not one I would play again. 2009-09-19 Bought at Fallcon 22 2010-10-16 Sold at Fallcon 23


I would never get this to the table but it's damn fun.