Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure

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GREAT. I love it. This is one of the games that I enjoy and love to play ANYTIME. I am not sure if this stays the same after a while, so I gave it a 9 instead of 10.


A few interesting mechanics but overall wasn't terribly impressed. The cards didn't allow you to build a tight engine, and the randomness of the cards you could buy and had to rely on made it so you really could be flat out stuck.


Weight: 2.21 / 5


Deckbuilding dungeon crawler, also very suitable to play with non-gamers, friends and family. Works pretty well, the rules are easy to learn and the iconography on the board is very clear. I also like the push your luck element, will you go deep underground in search for the better treasures, risking you won't make it out in time? Or will you race back to the exit to get nice bonus points and trigger end game while the other adventurers are still....well, adventuring


Deck-builder with a board. Cool concept, I wish cards felt more unique and had interesting interactions. Push your luck element ends up feeling boom or bust.


Starts off slow and then ramps up. Great game! The mark of a truly good game is when you can't wait to start playing it after you finish a session. Looking forward to playing again.


by paka

Very good idea for deckbuilder. Felt a bit sour after 3rd game ended the same way as previous two - with one player grabing the first treasure and bolting out. Seemed like so much more potential just got not used. We played the smaller side of the dungeon and we're hoping that the bigger side fixed that problem a bit more.


I almost bought this game, but opted for a game that featured worker placement and dice rolling, because I felt like I already had enough deckbuilders. But still, I want to own this one, because there are enough other mechanics in the game that don't let the deckbuilding aspect take over. I've only played it once, but I rather enjoyed it, and would like to give it another go to try different strategies. Very enjoyable exploration!


I won't say this is my favorite deck builder but it might be the one I have the most fun playing. I'm still coming to grips with exactly what that means. I like that's it's competitive without being too cutthroat. It's possible to adversely affect your opponent by trying to incite dragon attacks or by snatching loot out from under their noses but it all seems really good-natured. I like that there are different ways to build out your deck and so there are a number of ways to win. It's fun to try to decide if you want to push your luck to go a little deeper or stay in the dungeon a little longer. It's very satisfying to count your loot at the end. I've played solo a couple of times with the app. It's okay but I vastly prefer playing with other folks and there are other games I would prefer to solo. All in all, I'd say this one was a winner and I'd happily play anytime.


[b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#C0C0C0]Sleeved[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b] [b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#E0E0E0]Want Coin Capsules[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b] want 14-27mm & 46-20mm & 12-22mm & 1-24.5mm


Fell really flat me and my SO. Her quote: "There was a lot of the game we didn't get to experience because it made more sense to leave the dungeon first rather than acquire stuff." I'm guessing this works better with more players. We much preferred The Quest for El Dorado.


1-4p Sleeves All contents in base game box.


Decent, even fun. But perhaps not a keeper.


Wonderful dungeon-delving-deck-builder. The randomness of the mysteries and cards adds a lot of replayability, and the 4 boards (with expansion) also add a lot of variety. Easy to learn and teach is a nice bonus.


January 2019 $29.97


Fun game for what it is-fairly light and not very strategic. I enjoyed the race aspect of being the first out of the dungeon and forcing the other players take additional damage or speed up their planning.


Great game. Very tense end game.


Fun, quick deck builder with a fresh clever push your luck mechanic. A lot of luck involved but that's required for the push your luck aspect.


The hype is strong with Clank! so I knew at some point or other I would give it a go. It was an enjoyable game, one that I could see myself playing a few more times, possibly more with new maps and cards to keep it fresh. The rules and mechanics are pretty straightforward, which is a big plus. I like the artwork as well - the cards have a typical DnD flavor while the board reminded me a bit of a Ryan Laukat game. Player action is on the minimal side but the race aspect heightens the tension so this isn't too much of a deal breaker. I was surprised that, for a deck-building game, there were no cards that allowed you to thin your deck.


play 2 times


Great mix of deckbuilding and dungeon crawling. You go in the dungeon to get an artifact and get out. Once the first player gets out the rest are on a timer. Really great as a gateway game and new players pick it up easily. My go to game if I want casual players to come back for game night.


A great light to middle weight game. It features deckbuilding as it's main mechanic with a board you explore with the results from your cards. Fast to teach, reasonably quick to play, i would recommend this one for many occasions.


8.1 / 2-4p Best 3-4 / 30-60m / 2016 / Strategy 148 / Family 24 / 2.43 (Recommended on Reddit, Reddit user fave game, Watch it Played, Deck Builder)


Deck building


This is a fun deck-building game with the added element of a gaming board, tokens, and a menacing dragon named "Nikki" that is not fond of her treasure being stolen. Clank! is a great game to play when friends get together and we are looking for quick action with a moderately short (60-90min) play time. The theme is enjoyable and the looming doom track element adds great suspense to the game.



Best deckbuilder. Greater than the sum of its parts with the movement map, the press your luck, and the deckbuilding and tuning.


The dungeon crawling, deck building, and push-your-luck treasure collection all work together, which is no small achievement. Unfortunately, they don't really compliment each other. The game really just feels like the sun of its parts.


I haven't had a bad game of this yet, and I've played over a dozen times. Easy to learn, fun to screw over your friends (and yourself if it kills them too!)


Fun lightly-competitive deck-building game. Not too difficult for beginner gamers to grasp.


Ended up with a counterfeit copy. Since I was refunded and they said to just throw it out I opted to keep it and sleeve the cards since they were already knicking after 2 plays. It makes it at least marginally ok although the box was fairly banged up, the insert is cracked in multiple spots, the instructions got typo's, and the board is a bit warped plus seems to show scratching easily. Might need to get a board for it. Watch out for counterfeits.


W/ Exp: Sunken Treasures, The Mummy's Curse Promo: Snack Table, Dire Wolf, Wishing Wall This was a game I bought purely on the hype, *then* played a demo of it. I could not wait to try my copy of it. It's also become a favorite game in our group and comes out fairly regularly. We still haven't tried the expansion yet just because we're having so much fun in the base game.


Fun game, play with Poppy and Ditchers. Best 3+


Pretty much the perfect expansion. More decisions, interesting card additions, new fun mechanic with the schemes.


(+) Really cool theme, simple to teach, good implementation of push-your-luck, tense moments, plays fairly quick, multiple strategies for constructing your deck (-) No variable board setup, more tactical than strategic, not very many ways to trim your deck, not much incentive for someone to try to make it out of the dungeon first


A great deck building and dungeon delving game with wonderful artwork. My biggest concern with it is that it can be cut short by someone just running in and out quick, I wish there was some way to prevent that from happening.