Keltis: Das Orakel


The second stand-alone big box Keltis game, Keltis - Das Orakel plays on a single track spiraled gameboard, on which lay differently colored stones. This re-development has new rules that open entirely new options of strategy: big leaps with the aid of golden colored clover tiles, repositioning a pawn any distance backwards with the aid of spiral tiles, thus being able to gather more wishing stones, and also the new leaf clover tiles, and Oracle tiles, which allow for more point bonuses.

A player now has the ability to move back and forth, when on specific fields. There are new bonuses, for instance when the three pawns of a player form a specific formation, or when a new figurine, the oracle lady, is moved. Because a player can choose to move any of his three pawns in a turn, the game offers more flexibility - but this also requires more planning.


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