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Colorful, simpler game of squad-level tactical combat by the US 101st Airborne Div from D-Day till VE Day in WW2. 18 scenarios with geomorphic boards using the Band of Brothers game system. 3 counte...
Fast-playing game of squad level tactical combat using the Band of Brothers system. Covers various actions involving the German 11th Panzer (Ghost) division on the eastern front, 1941-4. All its major...
Game of the war on the eastern front in WWI using the Guns of August game system. Corp level game with 3 scenarios covering the 1914 Galicia campaign, 1915 Tarnow campaign & 1916 Brusilov offensive. D...
Game using the Hold the Line system to depict 8 battles from the Seven Years War with Frederick the Great: Mollwitz, Choutusitz, Hohenfriedburg, Kesseldorf, Kolin, Leuthen, Hockirk & Liegnitz. Adds a ...
1-4 player, very fast playing game of galactic conflict as players compete for resources, military power & technological advanacements as they explore & defend the galaxy. R.Bartelli'15
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