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Information wants to be free, but you charge by the hour. Black Hat is a hacker-themed, climbing trick-taking board game for 2-6 players. While trick-taking is the main mechanism used in the ga...
Are you technically a grownup but don't feel like it? Pretending to Grownup is a hardcore casual card game featuring 132 unique cards inspired by everyday situations. It’s okay if you don't co...
Venture party is a fun and simple, 3-7 player, hand management game. Fantasy themes and RPG tropes are turned on their heads in this game full of clumsy and unfortunately ill-fated heroes. The land is...
Niña & Pinta is a game of exploration of the New World where the great nations of Spain, England, France and Portugal send ships out to map the unknown and to bring home wealth to the Old World...
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