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You and your opponents are new television networks , and you need new programming. For this, you'll need Shows, Stars, and Ads. Shows need Stars and Ads. Stars give you bonus viewers (points), an...
Wordsy is a different kind of word game. Over the seven rounds of the game, you are trying to find the single best word on the board. Unlike other word games, you don't need all the letters in your wo...
Bad Medicine is a raucous new party game of quick thinking and hilarious storytelling, from the designer of the word game Prolix and the economic strategy game Battle Merchants. In Bad Medicine, yo...
Welcome to the United Kingdom! Telly Time is a UK focused mini-expansion for The Networks that adds 3 new Genres, plus a Genre Bingo card that gives players a new way to score Genre Bonuses. Itʼs a co...
Expand your copy of The Networks with On the Air, which offers all sorts of extra stuff for fans of the game. this expansion contains New Season 4-5 Shows that grant strange powers, new Stars, Ads, an...
So you've proven your worth in the past. We know you can run an ordinary TV network. Big deal. We have a bigger challenge for you. Here are 12 unique Network Executives, each with their own weird c...
The Rival Networks board game
The Rival Networks

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