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Pandemic board game
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Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 board game
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Pandemic: On the Brink board game
Pandemic: Iberia board game
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  • I am uncertain. #Inis looks interesting, but I don't know much about it. The artwork is nice, but I'm not sure how it plays.
  • If I had $200 to spend right now (about £120?) I'd probably go for a couple of more expensive games simply because I tend to justify buying the smaller games that my family will play with me anyway. I'm not too sure what specific games, though. Perhaps #Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Change Is Constant and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 or #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated?
  • I'm willing to give most games a try, and I'm not sure I have any strict preferences. Most of those games look interesting but none that I would be desperate to get hold of right now. If I won one of them, I would likely spend days or weeks checking reviews and playthroughs, and I might consider trading it instead to someone who *really* wants it rather than opening it up myself.

Good fun this week!

#Raiders of the North Sea with the expansion #Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame - tried with 5 people and have to say it's not ideal. Too many people...

#Root hit the table with Vagabond taking the win! Need to work on my Woodland Alliance strategy

#Tiny Epic Galaxies is a recent buy and very happy with it. Great little game.

The highlight goes to #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 which we started the campaign with the same 4 people that did #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. Played only January so far, but EXCELLENT! Amazing fun.

I like this idea. There are a few popular games that I legitimately don't like. There might be good or bad reasons I don't like these games, and my not liking them certainly doesn't invalidate the games.

#The Castles of Burgundy: I have talked and written about this a number of times. And, it is no secret that I bounced off of this one, hard. I like euro's, I used to like them more than I do know. I don't need pretty art. I honestly didn't mind the "poor art" which many decry. But, the whole thing felt way to samey, I never  found the fun, the hook. And, it was way too long. I didn't, and don't mind long games. But long games that felt the same the whole way through.... Not for me.

#Pandemic What do you get when you take an appealing theme, ok gameplay, and make it a cooperative experience? You get a massive yawn. I would much much rather play #Forbidden Island than Pandemic. I am not a big fan of cooperative games anyway, though I will solo them sometimes. But, somehow Pandemic is just in a weird place that I don't like. I want something lighter or something a chunk heavier. In fact, you could probably say that most of my complaints of Pandemic could probably be applied to most mid-weight coops.

#7 Wonders I would play this again. I find it to be a OK experience, though barely. I don't hate this game, but I do feel like it is rated much much higher than it should be.

I remember always enjoying #Risk when I was in high school even though I do not recall ever winning a game.  I think I've only won #Forbidden Sky: Height of Danger once, and have yet to win a game of #Pandemic.  I ususally don't win at #Machi Koro either.


If #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) is on the list then that will definitely be one for me since I know it'll be hard to find (although I'm still waiting for my preorder at my FLGS but they told me it's on the way!).

Also, even though I might not play it for years and years to come #A Few Acres of Snow.  It was the first game to really get me into the hobby, it's out of print, and my wife played a few times with me and may again for sentimental sake in the future.

And... I believe #Pandemic: Iberia is no longer in print in English so I guess I could call that a Grail Game for me.

#Gloomhaven is a great game... expensive but for all that game in the box, still solid value. A great "kitchen sink" game where so many mechanisms add up to a game that keeps you intertested and occupied for 100+ hours. Good solo or with 2+. The best solo/cooperative game in existence? Probably yes.

#Terraforming Mars is outstanding as well... even with just the base game there's a lot of replayability in the box and with the multitude of expansions, replayability is further extended. The best competitive game in existence? Probably yes.

#Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 is a great "experience game" and is a perfect example of the Legacy concept. A great game for 2-4 to enjoy sessions of narrative/campaign gaming together. 


That would pretty much eat up all of the $200... but you'd have pretty much the best competitive, co-operative and "experience" game in existence. Money well spent.

I will second #Codenames for sure. Also a big fan of #Pandemic and #King of Tokyo for this purpose. 

I didn't see these mentioned but for non-gamers we also like #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game and #Dixit.  We describe Once Upon a Time as cooperative competitive story telling.  Basically everyone has a hand of cards with story elements on them (castle, princess, potion, etc.) and the group has to tell a story together and play the cards as part of their story.  There are "interrupt" cards where another player seizes control of the story line and then segues it to something where they can use their own cards.  It can get pretty hilarious. 

I know I have a bunch of others since I actually make a point of owning a bunch of games for this purpose but I guess I haven't played them in so long they are eluding me. 

Things have been a little on the light side recently, but still fun.

  1. #Amerigo - This is a relatively new game for us, that we've really enjoyed.  It's a solid game and the cube tower really is fun.
  2. #Viticulture: Essential Edition - We just got Visit from the Rhine Valley and wanted to see if it makes as much of a difference as advertised.  One play isn't much to go by, but I think I do prefer it to the base visitor cards.
  3. #Stone Age - We just recently started up game night again with a couple friends and are easing back in with some of the group's old favorites
  4. #Pandemic - Same as above
  5. #Downforce - We just got Danger Circuit and wanted to try out the new tracks.

I don't think it's just a coincidence that there's a correlation between my ranking of these games and their weight.  Hopefully I can get some heavier stuff to the table soon.

I got rid of my first games this summer. I threw them in the garbage, actually. It was because I didn't want anyone to waste their time on them. It was a Lord of the Rings trilogy published by RoseArt around the time the movies came out.  I had all three, but had only played the first two shortly after they had been released.  This summer my wife and teenage son played them with me. The third game was useless. The rules didn't make sense and the game ended without being able to move half the players 2+hours into playing all three together. I trashed them so no one else would have to suffer the way we did.

Now, I'm considering getting rid of #Friday. I thought I'd enjoy it, but it hasn't caught on for me.

I'm also considering getting rid of #Forbidden Sky: Height of Danger. I like the game, a lot, and love the concept of the rocket. But the last several times I've played it, the games are over in less than 10 minutes and we all lose, so we play it twice, losing each time, before putting it away.  I'm not sure that my family would sit through it again.  We'll play #Pandemic instead-lasts longer and we get a lot closer to winning.  

No baggies included in the box always feels really cheap... there's nothing worse than loose rubble!

This is controversial and kinda random but I hate plastic pawns as player tokens. They just make me think of cheap, 90s games and bring a production right down for me. I'm looking at you, #Pandemic.

I also can't stand tacky logos on card backs. If you're making a deckbuilder, is it really necessary to market your game with the logo and title on the back of every single card? I've already bought it - I don't want to see the advert! I'd much rather a nice looking deck with a strong art asset on the back. I love #Star Realms but man...

Concordia is one of my favourites and I like Five Tribes and Viticulture but there's no obligation for anyone else to like them.

For example, I won't play #Pandemic unless my group REALLY wants to.  We played 14 games of #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 in a short period and I've had enough of it.  Maybe one of the new versions would be ok to play but I'm kind of done with it.

But yeah, lists are fun to start conversation or as starting points to find cool new games! :)

Concordia is one of my favourites and I like Five Tribes and Viticulture but there's no obligation for anyone else to like them.

For example, I won't play #Pandemic unless my group REALLY wants to.  We played 14 games of #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 in a short period and I've had enough of it.  Maybe one of the new versions would be ok to play but I'm kind of done with it.

But yeah, lists are fun to start conversation or as starting points to find cool new games! :)