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Catacombs is the award winning action/dexterity based fantasy board game which was recognized as Wired boardgame of the year for 2011. and recognized Cataco...
Catacombs is an award winning action/dexterity based fantasy board game. The Third Edition of Catacombs is a major upgrade where every aspect of the product, including a full artwork conversion by the...
From the Publisher: The Chicks In A Catacomb Kickstarter exclusive add-on introduces four new powerful heroes for maximum replayability: the forest sprite, amazon, huntress (with her wolf compa...
Catacombs: Zombie Horde board game
Catacombs: Zombie Horde

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From the Publisher: The Zombie Horde add-on introduces a new zombie monster family distinct from the undead (gray) monsters. The original Zombie was one of the weakest in the game; his new colleag...
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