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DUNGEON DEGENERATES: MEAN STREETS brings the corroded cobblestone corridors, Gothic grottoes & towering turrets of the Würstreich into terrifying tangibility. Featuring 4 new playable characters...
Dungeon Degenerates puts the players into the boots of hardened criminal adventurers, escaping from the dungeons of Brüttelburg into a deranged, demented, dark-fantasy world of swords, sausages & sor...
Eight NEW playable adventurers for the Dungeon Degenerates Hand of Doom board game! Includes - Soldier of Fortune, Carnival Drifter, Dishonored Knight, River Pirate, Jack Slasher, Alley Cat, Wast...
Add more character to your game with the Dungeon Degenerates Freaks & Psychos Expansion Pack! This Dungeon Degenerates expansion features 8 new Adventurers!  The Charlatan Magician, Cloaked Kil...
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