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The Coal Trilogy begins with Haspelknecht: The Story of Early Coal Mining transporting players to the 16th century when coal was discovered in Germany! Players take upon the role of farmers who exploi...
The underworld of New York City is ruled by the Mafia. her greed is without limits: Drugs, prositution, fraud, and corruption - the Cosa Nostra has a finger in the pie everywhere. But behind the scene...
Promo card for the mafia card game La Cosa Nostra . The card depicts the founder of the German blog This special Gangster card is immune to the cards Snitch, Spy and the ability ...
Zockende Zauberer board game
Zockende Zauberer

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Gold doesn't mean much to wizards. Aside from being a smart-ass and always being right, they care about having magic artifacts and spellbooks — but these items aren't easy to get, so sometimes ...
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