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Be the best inhabitant in the high plateau of Altiplano! You need to be creative to develop the scant vegetation and the available resources. By fishing at Lake Titicaca, mining ore in the mountai...
It's a fabulously sunny day - the perfect occasion for folks to visit the new topiary garden on the outskirts of town! Nothing spells a relaxing weekend like enjoying sculptures created with the assis...
At the intersection of the most well-traveled trade routes in the old world lies a city within rose-colored cliffs. It is a place where mile-long caravans enter the city through a narrow canyon called...
Altiplano: Sunny Days board game
Altiplano: Sunny Days

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This mini expansion came with the Spielbox 01/18. It adds three new boats, three new houses, one order and one mission. Boats (3): 3 coins 1 corn 1 food and 1 cart ...
Atlas: Enchanted Lands draws players into the magical world of an enchanted forest. Art by Beth Sobel (Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts) illuminates the landscapes at Dawn...
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