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Scythe – The Boardgame Detective

The Boardgame Detective • 1/24/2019

Alternate reality 1920s Europe was a foggy place. It’s a few years after a great war, and the nations of the area are beginning to see economic recovery. Leftover from war-time, large Mechs l...

Comanauts Sneak Peek, and a Glimpse Into the Future of Adventure Book Games

Meeple Mountain • 1/23/2019

PAX Unplugged closed out the year of board gaming as one of the last major tabletop expos of 2018. We slide into 2019 with imminent releases of games that...

Hero’s Crossing Review

Board Game Quest • 1/23/2019

“Monsters and Madmen are everywhere. Glory awaits the stalwart heroes who would stand against the forces of evil. You are not one of those heroes.” Every hero is only as good as their gear. That&#8...

Villain's Vacation (Epic Resort Exp) Review

Zatu Games • 1/23/2019

Adding a host of Villains that you can attract as well as new attractions, tourist types & workers, Villain's Vacation is a small expansion for Epic Resort....

Telestrations (2009)

Meeple Like Us • 1/23/2019

What is the thing you enjoy least about tabletop gaming?  No, not the cost.  No, not the logistics of getting people together of evening.  No, not the fact every time you mention it people look at yo...

Falling shapes are fun in Drop It

The Board Game Family • 1/23/2019

Drop It is a light family dexterity game of dropping shapes for points. Players score points based on the level their pieces come to rest in. Plus, they can score bonus points as well....

Trainmaker Dice Game Overview • 1/23/2019

Trainmaker dice game from Alderac Entertainment Group is a press-your-luck game for up to six players....

Master of Wills Review

The Thoughtful Gamer • 1/22/2019

After opening my review of SPQF talking about the slightly strange occurrences when two movies with very similar premises are released at the same time, I arrive, by complete happenstance, to this re...

Gotham Under Siege (Batman Animated Series) Preview

Zatu Games • 1/22/2019

Gotham Under Siege, from IDW Games, takes full inspiration from the much celebrated Batman Animated Series of the 90s. Learn more in our preview....

Heroes of Terrinoth Review

Board Game Quest • 1/22/2019

If you’re a game company, what do you do if you designed a game based on a certain piece of intellectual property (IP) and then the company that owns that IP suddenly decides to not renew the licen...

Underwater Cities Review

As a Board Gamer • 1/22/2019

Een recensie van Underwater Cities ontworpen door Vladimir Suchy en uitgegeven door Delicious Games....

HMS Dolores Review

Zatu Games • 1/22/2019

The HMS Dolores crew have been lead into a trap by wreckers causing their ship to crash. Players will act as the wreckers negotiating how to split the loot....

Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration

Meeple Mountain • 1/22/2019

Plan a mission to space! Read our review of Xtronaut and figure out which rocket will best accomplish the goals of that mission.!...

Just One Review

Co-op Board Games • 1/22/2019

In our Just One review, we take a look at a cooperative party game from Ludovic Roudy, Bruno Sautter, and Repos Production....

Bandido Review

Board Game Quest • 1/21/2019

There is something to be said for games that have a small form factor. A game that you can toss in a bag or purse and bring with you on the go. Some of my fellow writers here at BGQ even have &#822...

The Amateur Treasure Hunter's Complete Guide to Clank!

Zatu Games • 1/21/2019

If you’ve never played Clank! before, my hope is that this article will give you everything you need to jump right in. Let's take a look at the series....

Firefly Fluxx Review

Zatu Games • 1/21/2019

Firefly Fluxx is based in the popular cult TV hit Firefly created by Joss Whedon. All the cards are therefore based around the characters, events and theme....

Super Star Destroyer Preview

Zatu Games • 1/21/2019

The Super Star Destroyer expansion for Star Wars Armada includes a fantastic 24-inch, pre-painted ship, which is huge!! Read our preview for more detail....

Cryptid Review

Creaking Shelves • 1/21/2019

Somewhere in this strange, untamed, land there lives a beast hitherto unknown to science. A Cryptid. Sporadic sightings, local folklore. Your research has given you a hint to its location and now y...

One Board Family: Cardboard Habit: Welcome to the Dungeon

Punchboard Media • 1/21/2019

Erin and Ryan picked up "Welcome to the Dungeon" on a whim during a date night. Does this game hold up or should it have stayed on the store shelves?...

Skull Review – Beautiful Art and Bluffing Galore

Start Your Meeples • 1/21/2019

Skull is a stunning game by Hervé Marly that we purchased the second after we finished our first game. Using bluffing and risk, Skull is a beautiful game....

Squirmish Card Game Overview • 1/21/2019

Squirmish game from Gamewright is a card battle game that incorporates humor. -

Thrift Treasure: Alibi Card Game • 1/20/2019

Mayfair Games' Alibi is this week's Thrift Treasure find. See why it is much more than just a version of Clue by reading more on the site!...

Open Seat Gaming: Kickstarter Preview – Animal Kingdoms

Punchboard Media • 1/19/2019

Today, Marti is working to influence the leaders of kingdoms in Animal Kingdoms. Published by Galactic Raptor and designed by Steve Aramini - on Kickstarter until February 1st!...

Tides of Madness (2016) - Accessibility Teardown

Meeple Like Us • 1/19/2019

Tides of Madness is a taut and tense game of drafting cards and summoning Old Gods.  It’s like Sushi Go: Sith Edition.   It’s a perfectly good game – three and a half stars in our review is testimony...

Review: City of Gears

Geeks Under Grace • 1/19/2019

City of Gears is a steampunk-themed board game for 2-4 players. Using classic euro mechanisms, its gameplay provides a fun, strategic experience in an hour....

Review: Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Geeks Under Grace • 1/19/2019

Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a mashup of two popular games. In this standalone game, 2-7 players build magnificent estates, fit for a king....

Betrayal Legacy Review

Zatu Games • 1/18/2019

Betrayal Legacy gives the player's an ongoing narrative, as well as choices and actions that will affect them and their chosen Families in future games....

Codenames: Deep Undercover Review

Zatu Games • 1/18/2019

Codenames: Deep Undercover is a party word game based on deduction, with elements of memory and push your luck mechanisms. Read our review....

Deckscape: Heist in Venice Review

Zatu Games • 1/18/2019

Deckscape: Heist in Venice is the third in the line of escape room style games from publisher DV Giochi. All you need is a pen and paper! Read our review....

Cryptid Review

Zatu Games • 1/18/2019

Cryptid is a deduction game from Osprey Games in which players are Cryptozoologists on the trail of a mythical animal. Read our review....

Palm Island Review

Co-op Board Games • 1/18/2019

In our Palm Island review, we take a look at a resource management card game from Jon Mietling and Portal Dragon....

5 Supreme Sanctum Action Cards in Keyforge

Start Your Meeples • 1/18/2019

SoI got into Keyforge and fell in love with Sanctum. Here’s five action cards that are really enjoyable to play from the knightly house....

Treasure Island Board Game: Go on a Treasure Hunt

Spikey Bits • 1/18/2019

Shiver me timbers! I think we just found the board game to satisfy your piratey side! Check out Treasure Island!...

Trash Pandas: Hot Garbage or Good Garbage?

The Family Gamers • 1/18/2019

You play a raccoon digging through trash in this press-your-luck, dice and card game. Neither of these genres are my favorites, but it's a fun game....

Review: Hyperborea

iSlaytheDragon • 1/18/2019

In the six years following the birth of deck building there have been many attempts to create something truly new and innovative in the shadow of the game that started it all, Dominion. The newest ...


The League of Nonsensical Gamers • 1/18/2019

We review Hyperborea, a beautifully produced civilization building game from Asmodee that uses a unique bag-building mechanic at its core....

Hyperborea Board Game Review

play board games • 1/18/2019

Hyperborea is a fantasy-themed, 4x game that uses cubes and bag building to let you take your actions on the board....

Fate of the Elder Gods Game Overview • 1/18/2019

We all get to play as the bad guy in Fate of the Elder Gods by Greater Than Games. Can we summon our Elder God before the Investigators stop us?...

Factory Funner Final Thoughts - YouTube - rahdo

YouTube • 1/18/2019

Help keep Rahdo running @ !!! And now... A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Factory Funner. For more game info, https://bo......

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