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Board Games by Filosofia Éditions

Founded in 2001, Filosofia is a Montreal-based corporation that operates in the board game industry. Started as a distribution company, Filosofia has now established itself as a serious publisher. This has allowed Filosofia to build strong relationships with numerous publishers from all around the world. Today, Filosofia is one of the foremost French board game publishers

Pandemic board game
Rank: 7
Trending: N/A
Splendor board game
Rank: 15
Trending: N/A
Catan board game
Rank: 21
Trending: N/A
Love Letter board game
Rank: 31
Trending: N/A
Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island board game
Lost Cities board game
Rank: 51
Trending: N/A
Terra Mystica board game
Rank: 59
Trending: N/A
Takenoko board game
Rank: 64
Trending: N/A
Mysterium board game
Rank: 70
Trending: N/A
Arboretum board game
Rank: 97
Trending: N/A
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It's... complicated but I think you're thinking of F2Z Entertainment?

  1. F2Z Entertainment owned Z-Man Games, Filosofia Editions, Pretzel Games, and Plaid Hat Games
  2. Asmodee eventually acquired F2Z Entertainment
  3. Former president of F2Z Entertainment started Plan B Games
  4. Pretzel Games went to Plan B and no longer under F2Z Entertainment
  5. Asmodee acquires Plan B Games

Edit: Looks like the "winner" here is the former head of F2Z/head of Plan B