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Eagle Games was founded in 2001 by Glenn Drover, and was bought by Ashland, Oregon-based FRED Distribution, Inc. doing business as Gryphon Games in 2007. From 2007 to 2014 they published games under the two lines as Gryphon Games and Eagle Games.

They are currently based in Leitchfield, Kentucky and are now known as Eagle-Gryphon Games. Eagle-Gryphon Games is known for a large catalog of games that range from fast, fun family games to larger strategy games with longer game time.

For Sale board game
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Brass: Lancashire board game
Rank: 135
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The Gallerist board game
Rank: 140
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Lisboa board game
Rank: 201
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Diamant board game
Rank: 213
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On Mars board game
Rank: 248
Trending: 51
Can't Stop board game
Rank: 333
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Railways of the World board game
Age of Steam board game
Rank: 437
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Vinhos Deluxe Edition board game
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Since it did seem to all show up on post. 

In this video I show you how to set up and play Fleet: The Dice Game with the Dicey Waters Expansion by Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle. Published by Eagle-Gryphon Games.

  • 1:16 - 7:38 How to set up and play
  • 7:38 - 13:17 Coverage of all the special rules
  • 13:17 - 13:52 Difference between first and second edition

I've never done it before, but I picked $100+. I typically go for games in $30-60 range but if there's one out there that's guaranteed to hit the table frequently because my wife and I love it so much, then that's fairly easy for me to save up and buy that instead of 2-3 games that add up to that value. Especially if those games won't get as many plays. I've yet to come across one that made me feel like I should go for it though. Gloomhaven is the closest but not enough to make it tempting.

Edit: Just to add, I think part of the reason why I typically don't have to worry or be tempted about getting a $100+ game is that they're usually outside of my preferences. Besides the Lacerda games or Eagle-Gryphon Games that just look too good, I always feel very "meh" about the other games coming out because (1) I'm not into games with minis and (2) most of those games require a high player count to be fun, and (3) they're way too involved for the type of group that I usually play with (and 90% of my game time with 2p with my wife).

I highly recommend if you're getting Attack! by Eagle-Gryphon games to get the Expansion IMMEDIATELY! It takes an average to poor WWII game and makes it so much better than Risk, Axis and Allies and Memoir 44. It adds naval ship combat with sea zones, political influence, propaganda action, trade routes, bombing actions and more that the base game doesn't have.