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Board Games by Troll Lord Games

These are the board games published by Troll Lord Games.
Planet Busters board game
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Troll Knuckles board game
Gary Gygax's World Builder board game
Verdant Rage (C&C) board game
Crimson Pact board game
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No, the name is an homage to the chapter of the International Federation of Wargaming started by Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz in the early 70s. The chapter was dedicated to medieval miniature wargaming and was called the Castle & Crusade Society. The people who make C&C, Troll Lord Games, knew and worked with Gary for several years before his untimely death. They named their game Castles & Crusades as a tribute and homage/honor to him and the people who started the RPG hobby as we know it. It is just a happy coincidence that C&C happens to come before D&D in the alphabet :)