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Board Games by Lookout Games

Lookout Games is a German board and card game publisher. The company published, among other games, the board game Agricola, which was honored with the Complex Game award by the German Game of the Year jury in 2008.

Patchwork board game
Rank: 21
Trending: 168
Agricola (Revised Edition) board game
Rank: 60
Trending: 275
Caverna: The Cave Farmers board game
Rank: 79
Trending: 133
Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King board game
Le Havre board game
Rank: 102
Trending: 264
Agricola board game
Rank: 122
Trending: 153
Barenpark board game
Rank: 153
Trending: 90
Grand Austria Hotel board game
Rank: 198
Trending: 80
Oh My Goods! board game
Rank: 226
Trending: 1123
Caverna: Cave vs Cave board game
Rank: 453
Trending: 1552
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I think ill really like clank! Just waiting for our group to be available for it... lol

dude Le Havre is so good. plays like a nicer #Caylus and has the streamlined funness of #Agricola. The art is for sure on the same lever as other lookout games, but like agricola it for sure grew on me lol

One of the things that makes it like Caylus is that you build buildings that others can use at a price and I really like it A LOT