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Board Games by Kayenta Games

These are the board games published by Kayenta Games.
Obsession board game
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Obsession: Upstairs, Downstairs board game
Obsession: Wessex Expansion board game
Obsession: Promotional Cards board game
Obsession: Promotional Tiles board game
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Obsession was (and still is) available for purchase in NA on the publisher's website (Kayenta Games).  I found that out and of course bought the game...and the expansions.

I also learned that Clockwork Wars was also available on its publisher's website (Eagle Gryphon), but only the Emperor's Bundle which comes with a bunch of extras. I caught it on super-sale back in December '20 for $125. Had to get that too.  The summary of this story is that if you can't find your game on Amazon or through online tabletop retailers, be sure to check the publisher's site!