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Board Games by Garphill Games

Garphill Games ("gar-fill") was established in 2007 by New Zealand designer, Shem Phillips. Shem always aims to produce quality games, with a strong focus on theme and design.

Garphill Games is based out of Waikanae, New Zealand.

Architects of the West Kingdom board game
Raiders of the North Sea board game
Paladins of the West Kingdom board game
Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of Heroes board game
Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame board game
Explorers of the North Sea board game
Viscounts of the West Kingdom board game
Raiders of Scythia board game
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Hadrian's Wall board game
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Circadians: First Light board game
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I'm a simple man. I see "Garphill Games" I press "Back This Project".

For me, 2020 was a highly personal year for gaming. It made me reassess what I found important in a game and therefore I sold many games, including my once beloved #Scythe. I also bought many more light games that have become a big hit with the family (my main gaming group) like #Queendomino and #Draftosaurus, the latter being the hit of the year as far as I'm concerned. Still, I bought some games like #Lost Ruins of Arnak and I desire some other new games like #Beyond the Sun but mostly I'm content.

Looking foward to some new games and expansion in 2021 from my favorite Garphill Games, but 2020 has shown me not to consume, but to appreciate and really figure out what I want out of a board game.

Wow, Garphill Games always amazes me with their price. They're all great games and so dang affordable. If and I didn't already have an office copy, that deal would have been very tempting.

Thanks for the deals! I'm curious whether #Star Wars: Rebellion or #Nemo's War (Second Edition) will have some price drops before the end of 2020. I have zero hopes of a deal from Chip Theory Games xD

Honestly, I have yet to play any games from Garphill games. But, this is the one I am most interested in.

What do you think is a good measure of what a "small" publisher is? I ask because most board game publishers seem to be on the small side in terms of the way they operate and the number of titles they put out, just that there's a huge difference in popularity among them due to that 1-2 big hit they managed to make.

Mine are:

  • Garphill Games - Solid titles one after another, but they're too popular and well known to really qualify for the type of publishers you're talking about I think. Exactly how big are they ? I'd imagine it's still a very small team?
  • Mindclash Games - I haven't even played any of their games but I'm highly interested in #Anachrony
  • Wehrlegig Games - I've only played #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) but I love it. Just the fact that Cole Wehrle is behind the game design makes every one of their releases something that I'll look out for

The publishers I have in mind are generally those who have traditionally been in the small and medium size category: companies whose main focus is publishing and releasing board games themselves. In your example, I would consider that there is a difference in size between publishers like Garphill Games and Mindclash Games. I would consider that Mindclash Games is a small publisher, while Garphill Games would be a medium publisher.

One thing to note here is that our ranking system still needs work!

Publishers are only credited with a game's rating if they're the main publisher of that game, which is determined by looking at whether they're the first publisher listed on the game page. And this isn't always reflected correctly on the game pages. There's still a lot of cleanup to do in the batabase.

And besides this, we're just lacking data. For example, #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated has a score of 89 but isn't ranked yet because it doesn't have enough ratings. This would be a nice bump up for Renegade Game Studios' average score. And then there's also the fact that Renegade Game Studios is benefiting from currently being listed as the main publisher of many of the North Sea and West Kingdom titles, which I'd normally associate with Garphill Games. So it's odd that they will benefit from the success of these trilogies when Garphill Games won't. Any thoughts on this?

This is one of several post titles I saw in the feed today that gave me nice chuckle xD

I cleaned up my wishlist about 2 months ago so I'll have to remember them. But also, your post is making me curious what kind of a shelf a hobbyist millionaire would have. I suppose we probably don't even have to look at a millionaire's shelf for that... but it'd be amazing to see premium everything!

Here are some of the games I recently purged:

#Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 - We already have #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated that only got a single play so far. Great game and I just want more but finding my wife's time has been difficult. So definitely no room for another legacy game!

Every directional kingdom game from Garphill Games ("directional kingdom" coined by CourageousBob) - I used to have Raiders, Architects, Paladins, and Viscounts all in my wishlist. I got Architects so far. As for the rest, perhaps I'll get to them in the future, but I think it was more of the collector's side of me starting to come out imaginging them side by side on my shelf.

#Hive Pocket - I like chess-like games but in the end, I know I won't find a gaming partner for that one. Ended up downloading the app to try it out.

#Mechs vs. Minions - Awesome production value at a relatively okay cost ($75). Having dabbled in League for a year, it looked tempting but I don't think it's the right type of game for us.

Lacerda games - #The Gallerist and #Lisboa were on my list for the longest time, probably close to a year. I took it off knowing it won't happen for at least a year. I highly doubt it would come to the table often enough to justify the purchase.

Ohh I'm totally with you on this one. I prefer this type of progression more than tabealu builders because it makes it feel more relatable than when it's just cards. The only games in my collection with something like this is #Clans of Caledonia and #Root to some degree. It's fun to place down more of your tokens from your player board to the map and to get bonuses in Root. And as the Woodland Alliance, you can place warriors on your board that will act as your "officers" that grant additional actions on your turn.

I remember reading that the designer of Clans was inspired by #Hansa Teutonica for the shipping, merchant, and tech upgrades. I'm pretty sure I won't have the opportunity to play that game with others, so I was glad that Clans is a bit of a mixed bag of great mechanics from multiple games (and it still works!)

By the way, have you seen this game yet? #Endless Winter: Paleoamericans. It seems to have a player board with "unlockables" as well. The art is done by The Mico (Mihajlo) who worked with Garphill Games for the North Sea and West Kingdom series. Apparently the design has been handled by those who've been involved with games like Rurik, Coloma, and Sierra West.