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We are a spunky indie board game publisher with asymmetric tendencies.

Root board game
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Root: The Riverfolk Expansion board game
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Vast: The Crystal Caverns board game
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Fort board game
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Vast: The Mysterious Manor board game
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Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile board game
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Root: The Underworld Expansion board game
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Root: The Clockwork Expansion board game
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Trick or Treat Card Game board game
Vast: The Haunted Hallways board game
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#Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale - Played with my wife on Sunday! And I was right. She does like it more than #Welcome to... because it's a slightly deeper game. She was already having fun coming up with a "title" for herself and the name of the kingdom, so it was a good sign. I've learned from past mistakes that I should never go easy on her, so when an ambush/monster card came up, I drew it on a rather weird spot for her and she knew it was on lol. She wasn't too aware of how monsters work and drew mine on a space that actually worked better for me. Knowing that, when the monster card came up on the second round, she immediately drew it in the most awkward spot on my map and I loved it! Definitely our best under 30/45 min kind of game we have so far, and if we ever get some chill coffee date times in the future, I could see myself carrying it around (not that I drink coffee, since my stomach is pretty sensitive to coffee but not to alcohol for some reason...)

#Inis - Okay, we didn't get to play this. We got it out and I explained the rules, but by the time we were about to start playing, I sensed that we'll end up having to end the game at mid-point when our son wakes up from his nap. So I quickly made the switch to Cartographers, explained the rules, and we got going fast. I'm really glad I made the right call or else it would've been so anti-climatic.

Pre-game thoughts: I read the rules for Inis. And it comes off as an elegant, abstract, highly tactical game that promotes compeititve play. Here's what I suspect so far:

  1. I'll probably like the overall mechanics and appreciate its simplicity
  2. 2p gameplay comes off as chess-like. I can see 3 or more being the ideal count and where it'll be an entirely different experience with elements of negotiation/diplomacy to keep the leader in check
  3. After Leder Games' recent talk about the upcoming 2p focused expansion for #Root, it has rekindled my hope of it becoming one of our favorite games to play together. It has the perfect mixture of all elements I like in games--thematic ties in mechanics, good mixture of tactical and strategical plays, and the thrill of luck in combat--and my wife certainly enjoyed our last session together too but the base game is lacking in variety for 2p gameplay. For Inis, it comes off as an elegant tactical battle that I'll appreciate and have fun at higher player counts, but won't be dazzled by when it comes to 2p gameplay

I'll be trying out Inis two-handed either tonight or tomorrow so I'll get a better feeling for it! It'll be an odd one to two-hand though since the hidden info in cardplay seem to be its core element.

* Awaken Realms
* Leder Games
* Mindclash Games

I'm definintely picking this up. Leder Games can do no wrong. I love Root and I would love to have the opportunity to play it more often. 

I definitely plan to purchase the next #Wingspan expansion, and probably preorder it! As for other publishers, I guess I'm curious about #Fort from Leder Games, and I recently backed #Dale of Merchants 3 (along with the rest of the game) from Snowdale Design. Beyond that I'm not too sure! I'm somewhat interested in #Raiders of Scythia from Garphill, but I doubt I'll end up buying that one.

The potential flexibility that they are hoping to create here sounds fantastic. I love Root and mostly play it at 3 or 4 players but I have always wished that 2 was a little more interesting and that 5+ players was feasible. This could solve both of those problems. 

This will be an instant back for me as I love ROOT and most everything that Leder Games has been doing. I'm not a huge fan of Kickstarter, but this is one of the rare times that I am okay with it. 

I'm not sure if it'll be in time for 2021, but Leder Games will be coming with an expansion for Root that will enchance 2 player gameplay. YESSSS

1. Games I bought on impulse - #Disney Villainous & #Agricola (Revised Edition)

2. What typically triggers the impulse - I typically never buy things on impulse. But with the two games I mentioned, they were both at a great price :( Villainous was completely out of the blue but I had been planning to buy Agricola in the near future.

3. The perfect combination of keywords that would make my wallet tremble in fear:

  • "Leder Games" + "Screen-Printed Meeples" + "Area Control Game for 2p" - Ok, this is basically #Root but with more focus on 2p lol. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy it at 2p but it's too limited if you don't have the expansions. #Cry Havoc appeals to me for the same reasons after reading 's impressions of the game. Maybe I'll just get the expansions instead at some point...
  • "Leder Games" + "Root" + "Campaigns" - If #Root came with various scenarios and storylines and different bosses, that would be an amazing experience with my wife.
  • "Legacy" + "Final Fantasy 7 or 9" + "Stonemaier Games or FFG" - Perfect combination of IP I'd love to see in a board game + a publisher who could bring that IP to life with great attention to detail. This could potentially just make me want to play the video game instead, but this would honestly be a must buy for me.

Leder Games is one of my favorite board game companies and it #Fort looks great. I can't wait to pickup a copy. It looks like a perfect addition to my collection. 

This is the video that sold me on the game. I love Leder games for a variety of reasons, but some of their games are just too much to sit down for a relaxing evening of games. This seems to buck that trend and give a pleasant lighter experience with still some meat and choices to make. I think my family will appreciate the theme and it's nice to see a cool twist on deck building. 

TBH I don't really have an idea of what this game is like, but Leder Games is definitely one of those "I'm listening..." publishers for me, haha.