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Board Games by Ravensburger

Without a doubt, the Ravensburger story is characterized by the principles of Otto Maier. Inspired by the development of educational reforms during his time, in 1883 he founded a publishing house in Ravensburg.

His goal: to combine entertainment and education. His motto: learning by doing. His quality standard: nothing but the best. The initial product range includes presentation folders for craftspeople, educational and family games, how-to books and children's stories. After 1900 picture books, activity games and instructions for model construction and amateur art are added to the product range. By 1925, the year of Otto Maier's death, more than 1000 publishing products have been released.

The Castles of Burgundy board game
Rank: 15
Trending: 196
The Quest for El Dorado board game
Rank: 106
Trending: 112
San Juan board game
Rank: 163
Trending: 1455
Horrified board game
Rank: 248
Trending: 145
Disney Villainous board game
Rank: 289
Trending: 136
Tikal board game
Rank: 291
Trending: 595
Las Vegas board game
Rank: 366
Trending: 933
Broom Service board game
Rank: 377
Trending: 858
Glen More board game
Rank: 404
Trending: N/A
Labyrinth board game
Rank: 436
Trending: 1789
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Awesome, thanks for the contest!

RE #1: Games when starting the hobby... very subjective given individual tastes, but for someone like myself I would start with...

1. Settlers of Catan - You need a gateway game that's fun for you and will help attract others to the hobby

2. One or more of the Ravensburger games that I think do an outstanding job of building the theme into the game, are cheap/easy to acquire and are pretty easy to pick up and start playing...  e.g. Jaws, Horrified, Villainous

3. Pandemic - because the game is wonderful and, well, we're living in it

4. Watergate - a wondefully done 2-player game that excels in immersing you in the theme and plays quickly

5. Dominion - the original deck-builder, and another good potential gateway game

RE#2: Hard to find / out of print / frequently out of stock - Please give away Battlestar Galactica to some deserving soul... that game is SOOOO good and it's sad that its hard to acquire it these days.


I'm in...where can I buy it?  lol...Love this movie...only concern is that Prospero Hall who was previously in charge of all these IP games has moved on and I'm not sure the design team at Ravensburger has the same attention to detail they did as evidenced in Marvell Villanous where ther have been a lot of complaints about production quality and rules clairifications...But regardless I'm in.

I hope it's not a kissing game...ewww.


I've always played games since a child. My mom would get us Ravensburger games like The Puppy Game and The Amazing Labyrinth, and we'd play those non-stop. I played Catan and Ticket to Ride in college, but really didn't play a lot, nor did I own any of those games.

It wasn't until Grad School that I was invited to a friend's game night where we played Carcassonne, and I loved it. Soon after I was walking by a game store in the mall and saw the X-Wing core set front and center, so I went in and looked at it. I bought it on the way back through. I started playing that with roommates and really fell in love. From there I kept getting introduced to more games from other friends, until here I am, deep in the hobby.

I don't think many folks get into board games through miniature/skirmish games like X-Wing, but it worked for me!

It definitely has Ravensburgers blah art but the game looks really fun

I think amazons black friday game deals are usually not the best. But there is usually a 20% off Hasbro and Ravensburger. And also a few great games included.
Miniature Market used to have a major sale before black friday (with crazy prices) I don t know exactly when.
GameNerdz as far as I know does not do black friday but they have a pretty good deal of the day section (they have a 10% off on international Table Top Day every year though (June 1st))
Walmart used to have some good deals and amazon usually is matching their prices :).
The board game selection of Target is not the best, but you can find some one of a dozen games for pretty cheap, they currently have a 25% off of one game promo plus the buy 2 get1free. The best deals they have is in store clearence section and is rare to find something good though.