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Board Games by Capstone Games

Capstone Games is a publisher of preeminent, high quality board games that feature rich, evolving gameplay. We bring friends and family together for a fun, social experience through the medium of board games.

Terra Mystica board game
Rank: 59
Trending: N/A
Maracaibo board game
Rank: 231
Trending: N/A
The Estates board game
Rank: 404
Trending: N/A
Watergate board game
Rank: 417
Trending: N/A
Pipeline board game
Rank: 502
Trending: N/A
Irish Gauge board game
Rank: 584
Trending: N/A
The Climbers board game
Rank: 690
Trending: N/A
Bus board game
Rank: 767
Trending: N/A
Arkwright board game
Rank: 899
Trending: N/A
Carson City: Big Box board game
Rank: 1199
Trending: N/A
  • Players: 2 - 6
  • Playtime: 90 - 180 min
  • Designer: Xavier Georges
  • Publisher:
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I have a fondness for many of the publishers you listed (Chip Theory, Leder, Roxley) but one that consistently impresses me is Capstone Games. They are a small publisher but have been KILLING the game lately. I remember Trent really enjoyed #Pipeline and the same designer just released a more approachable game called #Curious Cargo. I would love to see some content on that!

I would say almost anything from Capstone Games would be a fairly universally popular pitck. 

And, yes, thanks for all the GAW's. 

For those who are on the edge, looks like pre-order is available at a lower price right now:

Also, I just got a copy so that we can review it! I will also try to contact Capstone Games to see if they'd like to promote the game through a giveaway.

Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

I am a big fan of Capstone Games, and Chip Theory Games!

@philryuh you are causing me to desire things I do not need lol. I have #The Estates which I just received and have not been able to play due to COVID-19 and #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) backed an arriving in October (Lord Willing), so I am good on the acquisition side of things...but I still have a wishlist...

1) #Bus - The more I look into this game, the more intrigued I am with it. I tend to always say that I love complex games with simple rules, well I believe this would fall in that category, plus I like the new art style that Capstone games put out. 

2) #Age of Steam - This is one of those games that I am super interested in but I am not sure how my gaming group would take it. I love Auctions, I love pick up and delivery (#Bus hits that mechanic too),  and I love the idea of a game that has a really deep catalog of maps to explore!

3) This one is more realistic in the next few weeks, but #Patchwork is on the brain. My wife and I played this over the summer on vacation but it was not our copy and it is really an awesome 2-player game that plays in like 20 minutes. It would be a great quarantine game for both of us!

Lol I feel you. I love hearing what everyone's up to but it can get tempting. Especially when there's someone with very similar interests/preferences. 

Man... Capstone Games made Bus look so much more appealing. Although, I do feel that their games sometimes look too "clean" looking. This still makes me more interested in Bus than ever.