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Board Games by Days of Wonder

Days of Wonder® develops and publishes games that Play different.™ From its insistence on releasing only a very limited number of new games, to its uncompromising board game production values and unique in-house digital development team, Days of Wonder consistently raises the bar with an unmatched string of hits that includes Ticket to Ride®, the world's best-selling train game; Small World®, the legendary fantasy game of epic conquests; and Memoir '44®, the World War II saga with 20 expansions to its credit.

Ticket To Ride board game
Rank: 17
Trending: N/A
Five Tribes board game
Rank: 36
Trending: N/A
Small World board game
Rank: 38
Trending: N/A
Ticket to Ride: Europe board game
Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 2 – India & Switzerland board game
  • Players: 2 - 4
  • Playtime: 30 - 60 min
  • Designer:
  • Publisher: Days of Wonder
Memoir '44 board game
Rank: 145
Trending: N/A
Shadows Over Camelot board game
Rank: 178
Trending: N/A
Ticket to Ride: Map Collection Volume 5 - United Kingdom board game
Quadropolis board game
Rank: 260
Trending: N/A
Ticket To Ride: USA 1910 Expansion board game
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Aww. I was hoping for something more substantial and clever from Days of Wonder. It looks like I'll need to go out and get Welcome To... then instead now.

It will take a while for 2020 games to climb the BGG list, which is as it should be.  Nothing should shoot to the top unless it is absolutely phenominal.  I also think it will take a while for 2020 releases to get enough plays to become truly popular.  With a lack of game groups and conventions this year it will take longer for a game to "catch fire" if you will.  Prehaps this will be the year of the "slow burn"?

As for less games being produced, I'm sure the pandemic has affected that.  Though, I hope it represents game companies focusing on fewer, better games.  I would prefer if more gaming companies took the Days of Wonder / AEG route and only focused on releasing a few really good games per year instead of lots of mediocre games.