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Azul is an abstract strategy board game designed by Michael Kiesling and released by Plan B Games in 2017. Based on Portuguese tiles called azulejos, in Azul players collect sets of similarly colored tiles which they place on their player board. When a row is filled, one of the tiles is moved into a square pattern on the right side of the player board, where it garners points depending on where it is placed in relation to other tiles on the board.

Azul board game
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Reef board game
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Azul: Summer Pavilion board game
Beez board game
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5211 board game
Azul: Crystal Mosaic board game
Azul: Summer Pavilion - Glazed Pavilion Expansion board game
  • Players: 2 - 4
  • Playtime: 30 - 45 min
  • Designer:
  • Publisher:
Reef: Kings of the Coral board game
The Reef board game
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Azul: Summer Pavilion – Bonus Cards board game
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