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Board Games by Stronghold Games

Stronghold Games is a hobby game publishing company based in North America.

Founded in late 2009, the focus of Stronghold Games has been to provide maximum customer value by delivering high-quality products, and maximum customer satisfaction with "Best of Breed" games, i.e. games that are the finest in mechanic, theme, and/or other attributes valued by gamers.

Stronghold Games began by bringing back classic games where a reprint of the game was in demand by gamers. Stronghold Games then began working with known and new designers in the hobby game industry to publish new game designs. Stronghold Games is now growing greatly by partnering with other publishers in Europe and Asia to co-publish their games for a broader worldwide hobby game markets, since Stronghold Games has global distribution of its products.

Terraforming Mars board game
Rank: 5
Trending: 41
That's Pretty Clever board game
Rank: 147
Trending: 655
Survive: Escape From Atlantis board game
Rank: 170
Trending: 574
Village board game
Rank: 186
Trending: 784
Flamme Rouge board game
Rank: 189
Trending: 459
Terraforming Mars: Prelude board game
Rank: 234
Trending: 12
La Granja board game
Rank: 389
Trending: 1661
Cottage Garden board game
Rank: 433
Trending: 893
Not Alone board game
Rank: 443
Trending: 1694
Among the Stars board game
Rank: 470
Trending: 863
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That's Pretty Clever and Twice as Clever Dice Game Overview image
That's Pretty Clever and Twice as Clever Dice Game Overview image
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You might check out #Fields of Green from Stronghold games. It's a hand drafting game where you build up your farm and manage your resources. Excellent engine builder! At the end of a round you run your farm where you have to have enough water for your crops, your watered crops produce food for your livestock, then you sell your livestock for cash. Use your cash to expand your farm. Takes planning but is very rewarding. 

I haven't played it but I hear good things about Coffee Roaster. I understand Stronghold Games either has recently brought it to the US market, or that it will be soon available.