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ReviewSecret Hitler Board Game Review | Nonstop Tabletop ( [Secret Hitler]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Review: Why Secret Hitler is One of the Best Hidden Identity Games - Down to Game image
ReviewReview: Why Secret Hitler is One of the Best Hidden Identity Games - Down to Game ( [Secret Hitler]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Secret Hitler, A Fascist Party Game That Hits Awfully Close To Home image
ReviewSecret Hitler, A Fascist Party Game That Hits Awfully Close To Home ( [Secret Hitler]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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#Secret Hitler always goes well the first time, although it does usually take 2 - 3 games to really get the game firing at top level.  I've also found #Sushi Go! to be fun and easy and Sushi in general is a pretty popular so it usually goes well.

I'll also mirror and say that #Throw Throw Burrito: Original Edition is a great party game.

We're heading to Sarah's parents tomorrow and I plan on bringing a few new to them games to try. I'm thinking#Codenames: Pictures,#Detective Club, and#Poetry For Neanderthals. We'll probably end up playing#Marvel United too since we got that for her dad. 

I really wanted to bring#Secret Hitler, but her grandpa lives with them and he's Jewish sooooo not a great look LOL

Pretty good week for me!

#Secret Hitler - My meetup group is slowly creeping back to our "normal" pre-pandemic ways. Way back then, this was a staple on Monday nights. We played 2 games at the full 10 player count. Loads of fun as always.

#Junk Art - I brought this with me last week and immediately several people were interested in trying it out. Played 2 games - one with the suggested set up from the rulebook and another city cards drawn at random. I think the favorite city of the night was "Hometown" as it allowed for a lot of points.

#Disney Villainous - My friend brought this (with every expansion ever made lol) to the group. We played at 3 and I shockingly won! He usually beats me pretty badly lol. It was pretty cool though because he and the other person we played with were one turn away from winning themselves. Very close game!

#Village - had mentioned this in his mini shelf review post and I was immediately intrigued by the premise. I of course have no willpower when it comes to adding games to my collection, so after watching a few videos on it, I decided to pick up a copy off the BGG Geek Market. I played 2 handed just to get a feel for the game. Definitely interesting and feels very thematic. My friend wants me to bring it to the meetup tonight so I'll hopefully get to play with real people soon!

#Amerigo - Part of the reason I got Village off the Geek Market was because the person who sold it to me also was selling this. It's been on my wishlist for a bit because of my love for #The Castles of Burgundy and the idea of a cube tower seemed really neat. Also just tried it out 2 handed. There are some mean bits that I don't know if Sarah will appreciate, but I feel like you need to actually try to be mean for those to have an impact. Maybe it won't be so bad when playing with other people, but dropping the cubes in the tower felt like a chore by round 3 lol. I still liked the gameplay though!

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - Finished up a game on BGA with and . After the first round, basically had the game won haha. Always have a fun time playing this.

#7 Wonders Duel - It's been a bit since Sarah and I have played anything off our 10 x 5 challenge, largely because we've just been really busy. 7 Wonders Duel was originally not on our list of 10, but because we finished both #Fabled Fruit and #Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One in 3 plays each, we needed something to play 4 more times total. Sarah picked this thinking I would be willing to part with it after we played a few more times. After this play (which she won easily) she's now unsure if she wants to get rid of it. Go figure lol.

Started off the week with a play of #Trajan, as we continued our attempt to play our newer, unplayed games. I mentioned in another post on here that we played incorrectly (as seems to be our normal for first plays). Instead of going around the time track 4 times for each quarter year, we stopped after the 3rd time around for the first half of the game. Aside from that making the game feel super quick, we had a great time playing it. Can't wait to get it out again!

Sarah's birthday was Friday, and she shockingly agreed to play games with me haha. Her request was #It's a Wonderful World which I have brought up on here before as one of her most requested games. I got some real lucky draws and was able to win pretty easily as her cards didn't quite work together like mine seemed to. Instead of a rematch of that, we settled on #The Quacks of Quedlinburg. I'm really glad we picked this one up as I could see it becoming another game she requests to play often. I beat her there too but don't worry she'd get me back.

As her birthday weekend continued, we went down to her parents to celebrate. Her dad had picked me up #Codenames: Disney Family Edition as a late Christmas gift so we gave it a try with them. Usually we have 6 of us, but this time we only had 5, so we had a designated codemaster to keep the teams even. Sarah and I played against her parents and despite my clear lack of Disney knowledge, we split the two games we played.

Sunday we went over to my parents to celebrate with them and my brother and sister in law. I finally broke out my copy of #Secret Hitler. Sarah managed to convince us she wasn't Hitler, mostly because my dad was acting sus lol. Not entirely sure if he knew what he was doing as we later learned he was on the liberal team haha. I definitely prefer playing with more people but with 6 of us it wasn't that bad.

Afterwards we played a game of #Speculation. I bought this awhile ago thinking Sarah's cutthroat siblings would like manipulating the market to screw over everyone else. Turns out the game rarely plays out that way so it only went over so so with them. My family seemed to enjoy it a bit more, but not enough to convince them that they needed to play again, so it's probably safe to throw on the trade pile. Sarah ended up crushing us, proving she is the Wolf of Wall Street.

Wrapped up the weekend watching the Super Bowl with my cousins. Before the game, we played a game of #Cat Lady: Premium Edition with the #Cat Lady: Box of Treats expansion. Super simple drafting game that I'm excited to play more of! Sarah beat me in a close game while my cousins didn't do so hot. They picked it up quickly though so I think next time they'll do a lot better.

1. I think I first found this site when it sponsored a few board game content creator videos. Most likely 3 Minute Board Games was where I first heard of you. I disagree with a lot of his tastes in games, but I try to curate a diverse feed for board game videos so I won't miss something I would love or put myself in an echo chamber. I have been lurking here for a while now, but I wanted access to the notification feature on the price comparator.

2. I have been a tabletop gamer as long as I can remember, because my family loved to play games together. Gamming as a more serious hobby started around 5 years ago. My collection began about 2015, and I started consuming board game media around 2016. I started with Tabletop, then found Watch It Played and the Dice Tower. Now I follow around 15 different channels, always on the lookout for more. Some of my favorites today are Our Family Plays Games, Nights Around a Table, and Board Games in a Minute.

3. My favorite three games at the moment are #Dinosaur Island, #Everdell, and #Eclipse.

I also love Architects of the West Kingdom, Concordia, Mechs Vs. Minions, Raccoon Tycoon, Secret Hitler, The Fox in the Forest, Pandemic, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Santorini, Coup, and Brutal Kingdom. Honestly, I'll play anything with someone who is willing to play with me.

I'm just going to continue our conversation here because even on the desktop the reply box was getting too ridiculously tiny.  So you don't have to look it up, you said:

"Right now I'm on the lookout for lighter games that can be played with 5. Playing with my cousins recently has made me want to continue to introduce them to stuff so we don't get burnt out on #Wingspan"

#The Climbers is an interesting one and makes for a cool time playing with blocks. You can also play #Secret Hitler at 5p! haha  I also very much like #Steampunk Rally.  It scales very well because of the simultaneous play.  I feel like its a little bit more involved than Wingspan, but its one of those games that you can have fun playing even though you're not winning. 

Of those I think Steampunk Rally might least from what I remember of it.Guess I'll have to watch another video lol. I just watched The Climbers and I think while it seems like it could be fun...I don't know if I'd necessarily have fun haha. And Secret Hitler at 5 I think would depend on how many are on each team. Are there 3 liberals?

I have picked up so many new games since March to the point where I wouldn't know where to begin as far as wanting to play with someone other than Sarah lol. And I'm sure she'd want me to play with someone else just as much if not more...

Right now, we have quite a few unplayed/unopened games mostly due to the holidays, but in part due to my inability to not buy games.

#Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One

#Freedom: The Underground Railroad

#The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game


#Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization


#Viticulture: Essential Edition

And in the category of I don't know if these count because I've played them before, but just not my personal copy..

#Sushi Go! and #Secret Hitler

New Year's Eve is traditionally a time I get a lot of boardgaming in with various folks.  After Christmas being family focused, we hang out with friends around New Year's.  This year being sadly different, I still got more games in than usual.  Played my daughter's first (and 2nd and 3rd) games of #Trouble Game on NYE and got to play May of #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 with our friends.  They also brought over #Spirit Island and #Spirit Island: Branch & Claw so we got to try out some of the new spirits.  We barely hung on for most of the game and did ultimately lose, but it basically felt like we were losing very badly the whole time haha. 

Games I didn't really participate in because I was dealing with kids, but my board games got exercise so I'm going to mention them:

Spirit Island always tends to feel out of control for me until it isn’t.  I know except for one case our games feel like always hanging on until you get a couple of spots clear and it starts to develop to the spirits benefit!

I’ve had a copy of secret hitler for years but have never had enough interested players. 

That's true, it does always feel like you're on the cusp of losing control of everything.  I think that's part of the reason I like it so much, every game is a struggle haha. 

We love Secret Hitler so much.  I once brought it to work to play during lunch haha. 

Our games of #Secret Hitler tend to be hilarious.  And with the right group, we have also gotten a ton of laughter out of #The Game of Things... Of course that game has also fallen extremely flat as well. 

Nice article. I think my favorite hidden role game is#Secret Hitler with#Werewords Deluxe Edition coming in a close second.

The only non social deduction games I'm aware of with anything that can kind of be described as hidden roles is#Cosmic Frog or#Cosmic Encounter. You have a special ability in both that you keep hidden until you need it. Not sure if this exactly counts though 

I got introduced to overboard a few year when they did one for #Secret Hitler. I didn't watch many play through videos at the time so I didn't give it much thought. Then I watched a few others and oh boy to you really have to give this team credit for their chemistry and their ability to talk through a game. Love these guys!