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At Roxley, we toil tirelessly to enslave the minds of humanity with the most innovative, addictive, beautiful, polished, replayable games you'll experience.

Brass: Birmingham board game
Rank: 20
Trending: N/A
Santorini board game
Rank: 24
Trending: N/A
  • Players: 2 - 4
  • Playtime: 15 - 30 min
  • Designer: Gord!
  • Publisher: Roxley
Brass: Lancashire board game
Rank: 135
Trending: N/A
Dice Throne: Season Two – Battle Chest board game
Rank: 187
Trending: N/A
Dice Throne: Season One board game
Steampunk Rally board game
Rank: 435
Trending: N/A
Super Motherload board game
Rank: 662
Trending: N/A
Dice Throne board game
Rank: 821
Trending: N/A
Santorini: Golden Fleece board game
Gorilla Marketing board game
Rank: N/A
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Here's my answer:

Uwe Rosenberg with folks who did the art for #Lost Ruins of Arnak (check out pictures of it by various Instagrammers here) - Lost Ruins of Arnak looks amazing. I've read the designer diary before and they apparently did extensive worldbuilding by coming up with background stories and concept arts. Their effort shows and they absolutely delivered

Mac Gerdts + Mr. Cuddington - Roxley nailed the production on #Brass: Birmingham. The box, board, and card art capture the theme so well and it shows how experienced and skilled Mr. Cuddington (creative husband and wife duo) is. I'd love to see #Concordia the type of treatment as Brass' remastering. Gorgeous box art and board art, a more modern take on graphic design and possibly even art on the cards themselves. It's likely complicating a simple formula that already works, but I'd love to see what Mr. Cuddington would come up with.

I'm definitely looking to add expansions like Houses of Renaissance (Lorenzo il Magnifico) and Rails to the North (Great Western Trail).  I'm also looking to upgrade components such as the Roxley Iron Clays. 

I am so happy I kickstarted this back in the day.  The price was amazing for both versions too.  Wonderful game and a wonderful implementation by Roxley.

Glad you like the choice! J and I haven't even made the official announcement yet through our social media (I only mentioned it on our newsletter and J on his Patreon) but it's already spreading quickly! Here's the link for others who haven't seen it yet:

I typically order the game after I find out the winner but in this case, I ordered it right away through Roxley's website so that I can make sure it doesn't go out of stock lol

Ordered 3 copies - 1 for this giveaway, 1 for another giveaway in the future, and 1 for making content

It was about 35 purchases in (which was at the 4 month mark or something??) I had been playing #Magic: The Gathering for years and loved the strategy and variety in the game play. However I kept running into the issue that I only had 1 friend who'd play with me and we often had conflicting schedules so for a long time I would just buy cards and watch videos to enjoy the hobby which wasn't that enjoyable.

Once I stumbled into board gaming I realized I was getting a lot of the same feelings of enjoyment but it was a hobby that I could share with nearly all my friends (as long as I picked the right kind of game) and that I was getting so much more from each purchase. It's been a fun journey and my buying habits have certainly slowed down but still worth it in any regard!

I do feel myself slipping into a new type of "uh oh" moment with upgrades.... #Iron Clays (200)

I'd like to see some sort of board game component support. Like gaming trays, coins, table stands, the sort of things that have been on kickstarter lately. A good example is the #Iron Clays (200). The set I have has been amazing and it'd be great to give one of those away!

I have a fondness for many of the publishers you listed (Chip Theory, Leder, Roxley) but one that consistently impresses me is Capstone Games. They are a small publisher but have been KILLING the game lately. I remember Trent really enjoyed #Pipeline and the same designer just released a more approachable game called #Curious Cargo. I would love to see some content on that!

Normally I wouldn't be interested in this type of game, but Roxley productions are fantastic.  I will definitely be checking this one out.