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Three Kingdoms Redux board game
Race for the Chinese Zodiac board game
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I recently purchased #Empires of the Void II which has an interesting action-selection mechanism.  The starting player chooses an action, and then everyone can follow that same action without cost, or can choose a different action with cost. Then it goes to the next player to choose an action, etc.   I had to think why the designer would do that.  Then it dawned on me that the gameplay speeds up quite a bit since it's easiest just to follow the starting player's action and wait until your turn to do something else.

Here's mine, but since 10 games is basically about half of my collection, I approached it a little differently. I listed out games that are sure to make the cut for the "dream team" even several years from now, and then listed games that likely won't make the cut, and lastly games on my short list of games to buy this year that will likely get onto the list:

100% Certainty:

  1. #Viticulture: Essential Edition (with #Tuscany: Essential Edition) (1-6p, 4p max preferred to limit game length. Solo mode with automa that's great at mimicking a multiplayer game) - Great intro to worker placement games while also offering good amount of decision space for experienced gamers. The wine-making theme is so well blended into the mechanics that it's easy to explain to anyone. The Tuscany expansion raises the replay value through the roof. Also gets bonus points for bringing my wife on board onto the hobby.
  2. #Clans of Caledonia (1-4p. Tough "beat your score" solo mode) - Economic game set in 19th century Scotland. Each player represents a historical clan with unique benefits/powers trying to gain glory (VP's) by fulfilling contracts. I think of this as an accessible medium /medium heavy game--light on the rules overhead but many interesting decisions to make.
  3. #Root (4p max without expansions. PnP bots for co-op potential) - Highly tactical asymmetrical warfare disguised in cute animal clothing. Rewards repeat plays in a consistent group. That's the hard part.
  4. #Just One (3-7p) - Favorite filler so far. Hasn't yet failed to meet my expectations whenever I wanted to bring out a non-threatening game that will get people laughing and comfortable.
  5. #Skull (3-6p) - Another short game that's been a hit every time. I've never really enjoyed bluffing games but I like this one. I especially love how bluffing games quickly bring out people's personalities.
  6. #Atlantis Rising (second edition) (1-7p co-op) - This one needs more plays for me to know whether I prefer this over Pandemic. Still does a great job with creating tension and some of the cards in the Misfortune deck are downright dreadful.

That leaves room for 4 more games. The ones that likely won't make the cut after several years (once I get other games) are:

  1. #The Voyages of Marco Polo - My wife and I really like this game, especially the fun overpowered character powers. If the goal is to start out with 10 games that hit various genres, mechanics, etc., I wouldn't have started with Marco Polo since it bears a number of similarities with Clans, which we like more.
  2. #Azul, #Welcome to... and #Century: Golem Edition - All great games but they just don't get played as often. We primarily play 2p and prefer heavier games. When it's with others, I tend to bring out Skull or Just One either because they can accommodate more people, are quicker to explain, or are more interactive (my favorite among these three is Welcome To).
  3. #Santorini - I only like this game for 2p, and my wife and I prefer heavier games when it's for our game night.
  4. #Architects of the West Kingdom - Just a speculation. Definitely needs more plays. Expect to see a first impressions post on this soon!

Again, keep in mind that these are all great games to me and I've enjoyed each play of them. I just think I probably could've done without them and put the money toward a different game.

Future acquisitions that will shake up the "dream team" list:

  1. #Concordia - Strong candidate to be a major starting player.
  2. #Camel Up - I have a feeling this will replace either Just One or Skull for the family games spot.
  3. #The Isle of Cats - Seems to be complex enough and has a theme and presentation that my wife and I would enjoy.
  4. #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Still not sure whether I should get this. But I feel like my wife and I would prefer this for co-op over Atlantis Rising 2E.
  5. #Agricola (Revised Edition)

You can but do not forget to pass starting player to your left. You still get the die though.

Starting player receives 3 food, all other players receive 2.