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Board Games by Devir

These are the board games published by Devir.
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 board game
Catan board game
Rank: 21
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Love Letter board game
Rank: 31
Trending: N/A
Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar board game
Sushi Go! board game
Lost Cities board game
Rank: 51
Trending: N/A
Sushi Go Party! board game
Rank: 53
Trending: N/A
Twilight Struggle board game
Rank: 58
Trending: N/A
Terra Mystica board game
Rank: 59
Trending: N/A
The Resistance board game
Rank: 67
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This week I was able to get the following to the table:

  • #Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan - Three player game without the Caravans expansion, which I'm mixed on. I took the character that can skip the oasis space on a magical trip around the board and pulled out a large win due to this.
  • #LUNA Capital - Unboxed and tried this at solo in an attempt to learn the rules. Hope to get some 2p games of this in the coming week to get started on my review in anticipation of its release next month. The Devir production is very nice for a small box game.
  • #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile - Our group's fourth play and the best one yet. This may be the most engaging game of 2021, but with the right group only. This game had a Usurper win via the Darkest Secret Oathkeeper goal. It really sings at four player when everyone knows the rules.
  • #The King's Dilemma - Now that our group is getting together again, we've been powering through King's Dilemma. We played three sessions last night to get our total plays to twelve. Narrative is still going strong as we near completion (I anticipate at least three to six more sessions). 

Was able to get the following to the table this week:

  • #LUNA Capital x2 (at 2 players) - an upcoming drafting & tableau building game from Devir that asks players to build a settlement on the moon in an attempt to win the most points and become the capital. More thoughts to come on this as I work through the review copy.
  • #Juicy Fruits x2 (at 2 players) - Capstone’s first in their family line of games. This is simple to teach and setup, but the decision space is pretty interesting for such a light game. It has four solo modes that I’m amped to explore as well.
  • #Lawyer Up: Witch Trial x1 (at 2 players) - finally got this to the table - we love the base game/cases and were excited to switch theme. Turns out the rulebook for the expansion isn't fully developed, leaving a lot of rule clarifications out, and it made our first play a little rough. That said, the way the expansion switches up the core battle of the game is unique and we’re ready to give it another shot now that we’ve learned the rules via BGG forum questions.