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IELLO is a globally recognized board game publisher, maker of award winning King of Tokyo and Bunny Kingdom board games by Richard Garfield. IELLO’s goal is to bring the world games that are irresistible, intriguing enough to pick up, and impossible to put down.

King of Tokyo board game
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Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar board game
Lost Cities board game
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Sheriff of Nottingham board game
Biblios board game
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Innovation board game
Rank: 162
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Decrypto board game
Rank: 169
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Diamant board game
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Downforce board game
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King of Tokyo: Power Up board game
Rank: 266
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AMA with Stephan Brissaud, COO of IELLO USA image
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Ishtar Board Game Overview image
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The AMA was awesome! I'd love to see those more often! Maybe once a month? I'm sure weekly would be even cooler, but I don't know how easy it would be to line up guests that frequently. On the other hand, it does seem like many people in the industry make themselves accessible, especially if they have something to promote, so maybe game designers/artists or people at publishers like Stephan. In terms of getting people engaged, I'm sure that being able to give away a game like IELLO did is a big help, so people promoting games could be pretty reliable possibilities.

Any number of people would be very fun to have for AMAs. His game #War Chest is on my mind, so designer David Thompson or his co-designer Trevor Benjamin would be someone I'd be interested in hearing from (they also designed the Undaunted series together). I'm sure any designer of popular/acclaimed games would be fun!

Content creators could be fun as well, though I could see those being more popular in video format as interviews or something, since that's often where people are most familiar with them. Still, could be fun as AMAs too. Perhaps J from would be willing! He's a video creator AND a game designer :)

The results are in and is our giveaway winner! Congrats and IELLO and I'll coordinate to send you the prize. Enjoy!

Props to you for you dedication to the hobby. It's not everybody that learns english to read a DnD manual.

I feel like Iello is a company that is underrepresented in my collection. I'm actually not 100% sure I have any games with the Iello imprint, though there are several that I have played and really like. That being said, sell me on Iello. Why should the average gamer have Iello represented in his collection?

If you look at Iello, what is your guiding design philosophy for the company? Are you trying to stay within a certain nich or niches? Or are you trying to expand into other parts of the hobby?

Who is your favorite designer?

And, finally, and maybe most importantly, what is your favorite flavour of ice cream?




Ha! the way I look at it is that my passion for games motivated me to learn a skill that I use every day now!

On an anecdotal note, it was funny to watch the look on the face of my first English teacher in school when she realized that I could write full sentences involving war hammers and plate armors while taking a castle, but
A/ I didn't know the word for plane or telephone,
B/ I had no idea how to pronounce all that stuff.
When she asked me how I learned and I told her, she looked at me puzzled and said "What the heck is D&D"?

I think the strongest feat of IELLO titles is the design and the look. Our R&D team is extremely exigeant when it comes to selecting arts and components. I have seen a drawing that looks totally fine to me being sent back for edits. I didn't see what they saw but I can testify that the final result was better than what was originally presented.
The second strength of the IELLO catalog is that our games are very accessible, yet not "easy". Take an example like #Little Town. This is a bare bone worker placement game. Now extra stuff with resources or side missions: you pick one of the 12 buildings, choose the most strategical location, then place a worker on it. Rince and repeat, while trying to built the most efficient engine. There is some cleanness in the way that there is no distraction from the main mechanic. You also have twice the number of buildings needed to provide more re-playability.

I will try to answer the design philosophy question on behalf of Cedric, our CEO as he is the one deciding of the editorial direction of the company. I am asked for my opinions sometime but I am definitely not in charge of that aspect of IELLO. That being said, my understanding of his work process is that he is constantly looking for new artists to add to our portfolio while his team is looking for good solid mechanics to apply said arts on.I also belive that we all work at IELLO because we love games and what we do, so the editorial choices are reflecting our personal tastes and affinities. I think this is the case for most publishers: we tend to make the games we want to play.

My favorite designer is a tough one as I am personal friend with some of them like Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala, Bruno Faidutti, Chris Bollinger, etc.. so those come to mind naturally as I not only enjoy playing their games, but I also had great time playing games WITH them (either their own design or someone else). For example, I blame Antoine for keeping me up late at night during Essen after dragging me into one of his #Magic: The Gathering drafts... But I would do it again anytime! (I mentioned somewhere else my love for #7 Wonders Duel and #7 Wonders.)
For designers I am not close with, I really love Carl Chuddick's designs. He always surprises me in delicious ways (if it make sense) I had said I love #Innovation. Come to think of it I can rattle a very long list of designers and why I like one or the other. To me, they are like book writers, they all have their own touch.

My favorite flavor of ice cream is Mint-Chocolate chip. I can't control myself.

I've got a few questions.

  1. What do you think is the biggest change we need in the board game industry?
  2. What do you feel like is holding board games back from being as big as the video game industry?
  3. Is there something within the board game industry that you think is harming it as a whole? Maybe some company, content creator, trend, specific types of games, or something?
  4. I don't know if you're allowed to answer this but what would be one game from another publisher that you'd want to take and publish under IELLO?
  5. If you could work anywhere besides IELLO (let's say it just never existed for some reason) where would you work?


Hi @opto 8,

  1. More inclusion and diversity, but that goes for all aspects of society today. A very dear friend of mine passed away this week, he was a pillar of the industry and was an example of understanding and tolerance #BeLikeBrian.
  2. There is still a "private club" aspect of the Board Game community, some act like either you are in and you are cool or you are not and.. you are not cool. It goes back to #1 the more inclusive and welcoming the industry becomes, the more successful and popular the games will become. Invite your non-gamer friends to play a game. Don't let them get away with "I don't play games": they don't know what they are talking about. I still get to find someone who finds zero entertainment in playing a game. Play is written in our genetic code.
  3. Every industry has bad apples, whether people or companies. Ours is no different. I don't think it is appropriate to name people or companies but I would refer to my points #1 and #2. We should all strive to be the best version of ourselves and be good and do good. People make mistakes, it is human and should be forgiven. The problem is when mistakes are not corrected and keep repeating, then it is no longer a mistake but a deliberate act of evil.
  4. I would love to be able to sell #Codenames in the USA. A small consolation is that my colleagues at IELLO France have the rights for the Czech Games catalog in French so there is actually a version of the game with a IELLO logo on it.
  5. In the industry, any small startup with a promising title that I think we can turn into an evergreen.
    Outside of the industry, I would most likely work in outdoor recreation. I love RVing, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Canyoneering, Motorcycle, Mountian Bikes, Snowboard. Any of those hobbies would be a workable choice for me. I am lucky to work in one of my hobbies already. I have always chosen life fulfillment over wealth.

I missed pretty much every action last week because my family caught a stomach flu, and since then I've been playing catchup :(

  • Root Riverfolk expansion on the app - No idea! I do remember seeing on the Root subreddit that someone asked the same question, and Leder responded that it's underway but will take time. That still gives us nothing, but yeah I'm wanting that content too!
  • We partnered up with GAMA to create a catalog where retailers can easily find game info and connect with publishers and distributors
  • We had our first official AMA with Stephan, COO of IELLO USA

Exclusive news:

  • Haven't made the official announcement yet but we're moving forward on the idea of "rotten tomatoes" approach to the review section on our game pages. I was actually planning on messaging you about it soon
  • bought and played #The Court of Miracles and it didn't blow him away :(
  • I had some awesome tacos last night with homemade tortilla and sauces made by my friend :D
  • We'll be revamping our Home page soon so that new visitors can have a better sense of what we're about

How are you liking Root on Steam? Did you beat all of the solo challenges against the AI?

This is my first AMA! I wanted to know what Stephan's most proud moment as the COO of IELLO? Looking forward to hearing about that.!

What is the IELLO board game you feel like has the best art?  What about a non-IELLO boardgame with the best art?


I am struggling with that one. I think our covers are so beautiful it is hard to pick one.

But if I have to choose in the IELLO catalog:

  • #Mountains of Madness from Miguel Coimbra. I am drawn to this cover, like the cover of a graphic novel. I want to turn the page to know what's behind.
  • #Bunny Kingdom by Paul Mafayon. The depth of this cover with the castle in the background feels like a video game to me.
  • #Raids by Biboun. That longboat is jumping at me.
  • #Kanagawa by Jade Moschi. This cover is so zen, it appeases me.


How would you describe the types of games that Iello is most likely to publish? Do you see the company "branching out" soon?


IELLO is obviously known for what we call in our industry vernacular "gateway games". Most of our catalog is very accessible and rule fit on a few pages.

That being said, we are about to launch a Euro game at the end of the year: #Khôra: Rise of an Empire. We designed a new "IELLO Expert" line for it.

We are always on the lookout for a "good game" so we are not stuck to a particular style. Another good example of our catalog diversification is the #Heroes of Normandie line for Devil Pig Games.