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Plaid Hat Games is the board game studio behind Dead of Winter, Mice and Mystics, Summoner Wars, and other beloved tabletop franchises. Led by founder Colby Dauch, we are committed to producing games that captivate players' imaginations and deliver over-the-top fun.

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game board game
Mice and Mystics board game
Rank: 251
Trending: N/A
Summoner Wars: Guild Dwarves vs Cave Goblins board game
Summoner Wars: Master Set board game
Dead of Winter: The Long Night board game
Stuffed Fables board game
Rank: 474
Trending: N/A
Specter Ops board game
Rank: 477
Trending: N/A
Forgotten Waters board game
Rank: 604
Trending: N/A
Summoner Wars board game
Rank: 635
Trending: N/A
Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn board game
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Isn't Plan B games the same crew that owned Plaid Hat games (bought by asmodee a few years back?). If so, then a model of starting great boardgame brands and selling to Asmodee doesn't seem to be such a bad model for them haha!

It's... complicated but I think you're thinking of F2Z Entertainment?

  1. F2Z Entertainment owned Z-Man Games, Filosofia Editions, Pretzel Games, and Plaid Hat Games
  2. Asmodee eventually acquired F2Z Entertainment
  3. Former president of F2Z Entertainment started Plan B Games
  4. Pretzel Games went to Plan B and no longer under F2Z Entertainment
  5. Asmodee acquires Plan B Games

Edit: Looks like the "winner" here is the former head of F2Z/head of Plan B

The art is super cool. 

I think that Tom likes it. 🙂

I think I would enjoy the story aspect of our. Nevertheless, I'm not sure it is a game for me. There are several reasons for this belief. 

  • It seems like it would work better with more players. 
  • I'm still resisting apps in game. I'm more and more open to them in solo plays, but I'm multiplayer games I remain personally opposed to apps in my games. 

I am so so glad that Plaid Hat Games is restarting with a bang.

Ah, that's very true. I really am glad that Plaid Hat Games is (re)starting with some great publicity.

I'm so glad Plaid Hat Games is back to being independent. Great company. And I'm very excited about #Summoner Wars second edition. My friend, who helped get me into gaming, loves Summoner Wars and I used to play with hi frequently. Very fun game, even though I was horrible at it.