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Wehrlegig Games was founded by the brothers Drew and Cole Wehrle to publish high-quality games that treat their subjects and players seriously. Their first published title as Wehrlegig is Pax Pamir: Second Edition.

Pax Pamir (Second Edition) board game
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What do you think is a good measure of what a "small" publisher is? I ask because most board game publishers seem to be on the small side in terms of the way they operate and the number of titles they put out, just that there's a huge difference in popularity among them due to that 1-2 big hit they managed to make.

Mine are:

  • Garphill Games - Solid titles one after another, but they're too popular and well known to really qualify for the type of publishers you're talking about I think. Exactly how big are they ? I'd imagine it's still a very small team?
  • Mindclash Games - I haven't even played any of their games but I'm highly interested in #Anachrony
  • Wehrlegig Games - I've only played #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) but I love it. Just the fact that Cole Wehrle is behind the game design makes every one of their releases something that I'll look out for