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These are the board games published by Tactic.
The Lord of the Rings board game
Jungle Speed board game
Rank: 748
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Balderdash board game
Rank: 848
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Manhattan board game
Rank: 1135
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Abalone board game
Rank: 1323
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Telephone Tag board game
Rank: N/A
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Pirateer board game
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Kings of Mithril board game
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Draco board game
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Emojito board game
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I had a pretty full week:

#Spirit Island - Have played our second game and are really enjoying it. Looking forawrd to ramping up the difficulty.

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - Have a game on the go on BGA, which has been great fun.

#Race for the Galaxy - First time trying this game on BGA, it is quick and has plenty of luck but the tiny engines you build are exciting.

#Jixia Academy - We had a quick game of this the other night, is wonderfully clever and tactical, my partner whooped me.

#Welcome to... Played a few games on BGA with my board game group, I've never really played many roll and writes (or flip and wrote in this case) but it was surprisingly pleasant.

Decent week!  Got some online play and some solo play in this week:

  • #Clank! In! Space! (Solo x2): This game is great with the app.  The missions it was throwing at me added some interesting challenges to the games.  Fun!
  • #Underwater Cities with #Underwater Cities: New Discoveries (Solo): I didn't come close to hitting the points threshold in this game but I did enjoy the game.  I have to think further ahead as to what is going to be blocked off for me on the next turn so I prioritize my actions better!
  • #Beyond the Sun (Multiplayer on TTS): First play of this game.  Super interesting!  I see why people like it.  Building the tech tree, exploring outer space.  It's tight on resources and you need to plan ahead but still react tactically to the other players.  Good game!
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (Solo x2): Built and Iron Man Protection deck and took down Task master standard.  Tweaked it a bit and took him down at expert.  Had fun as always!
  • #Dominant Species (Multiplayer on TTS): First play of this game as well.  A bit of advice for a first game: 1) A practice round is important to see how things work and 2) Go through the domination cards so you have an idea of the things you have to watch out for.  I got screwed on the second turn and never recovered.  And with a couple of AP players it really dragged on.  I'd play it again now knowing more and I can see why people like it but the first game wasn't a lot of fun for me.  Their new verison #Dominant Species: Marine might get a look from us as well.
  • #Fluxx with #Fluxx Dice (Multiplayer physical x3): Played with the family during a power outage.  Had fun and the dice add something a little more interesting to the affair.  
  • #Scythe (Solo physical): Used the Scythekick app with the AR enhancement in a 4 player game.  Honestly, I preferred the regular method as I found it easier to use.  Love this game!  I need to bump the automa up a notch though as I handily won without an issue.

Fun week!

Oh boy! I'm a big Knizia fan  - we held a Kniziathon at our local gaming group, and we usually do an all-Knizia night around his birthday. :)

ALL-TIME GREATS (and I mean all-time great games by anyone, not just Knizia)

#Ra - Such a tense game that combines auctions, press-your-luck, and set collection. And you get to yell "RA!" :)

#High Society - An auction game with some similarities to Ra, but nastier. The "poorest person loses" rule and the reverse auctions for bad items are just so mean!


#Through the Desert - An area-control abstract that puts a lot of balls in the air - reaching oases, fencing off areas, putting out the most camels in a color. And it's very pretty!

#Taj Mahal - Very interesting hand-management game in which you are trying to build the best hand to win auctions. Feels like Euro Poker.

#Lost Cities Board Game  - Multiplayer #Lost Cities with racing on a variable-setup board. Play with the #Keltis rules!

#The Lord of the Rings - Seminal co-op that manages to achieve the feeling of a fellowship with a minimum of rules and chrome.


#Merchants of Amsterdam - Another Knizia auction/area control game - but with a Dutch Auction clock!

#Clash of the Gladiators - Possibly the most un-Knizialike game on the list... Dice rolling! Player elimination! Draft teams of gladiators and pit them against each other. If your gladiators die, you get to control the lions. :D


#Blazing Aces! A Fistful of Family Card Games , #Dice Games Properly Explained, #New Tactical Games with Dice and Cards - In addition to designing hundreds of board games, The Doctor has also written books about board games. All three of these are full of interesting insights into game design from a master - and they have games in them, too!

We tried #Abyss on board game arena with my board game group: a much more tactical than strategic game, kind of like #Alhambra but with a few extra interlocking mechanics. There are some fun decisions and occasionally you get to do something clever but mostly it is a kind of opportunistic game of making educated guesses about what will be most worthwhile for you. And that is no bad thing, especially as it plays relatively quickly.

Also finished off a long running game of #Res Arcana with , and which was a bunch of fun and inspired me to try a bunch more games online of it. Not sure it is a game I will ever buy but it was a very enjoyable one I would happily sit down and play.


So two player games have mostly been played between me and my spouse, who tends to enjoy less number crunchy games. We've really enjoyed the following:

#Scrabble - recently got this at Christmas and it is so much fun, surprisingly tactical at two players. We've recently taken to picking a theme and you have to link the word to the theme in order to play it. We get fairly wacky with the justifications but that is half the fun.

#Targi - I was a little surprised with how much Maddy enjoyed this, although she is very sneaky and enjoys foiling my plans.

#13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis - one of my favourites, it has wonderful mechanics, enjoyable historical information and has a really fun balancing act and bluffing dynamic to it.

#The Fox in the Forest Duet is a really nice relaxing two player cooperative two player game, perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons but with enough tension to keep it interesting

Also, cannot heap enough praise on #War of the Ring: Second Edition, it is epic and thematic and strategic and just is so worth committing an afternoon/evening to.


You have quite a conundrum here as those are both excellent games.  I own them both and love them both. I haven't played them both enough to call myself an expert but I have some experience.

One thing to consider is that GWT has an updated version coming up.  The current Brass version is absolutely beautiful and not likely to get an update anytime soon.  So perhaps get Brass now and wait for the GWT update?

Gamewise they are different although at a similar level of crunchiness I think. 

I find it really hard to explain Brass because I personally haven't played anything quite like it.  Yes, you are building out your own network and structures but you are doing it in an environment strongly connected to other players.  You can use their resources and they can use yours.  Everything you do might help someone else so you are trying to make sure you get the most of what you do and limit how others benefit from it.  You may have an overall strategy but you are constantly reacting and acting tactically to what your opponents have done and the cards in your hand. 

GWT has a changing rondel, hand management and building, board upgrading, and definitely benefits from focusing on a strategy and hitting it hard.  You still have to be tactical but generally speaking strategy is more important in this game compared to Brass.  It has these wide variety of elements and the challenge is making it all work together as efficient as you can while taking in to account what the other players are doing.

Both games have good unofficial solo variants if that is important to you.

If I was going to rebuy them I would buy both but Brass first and then wait for the GWT update to come out later.

Pretty light week, unfortunately. I was hoping to be able to get #The Castles of Burgundy played with my wife, but it didn't work out. Hopefully this week!

  • #Godzilla: Tokyo Clash @ 3p - I got this for my cousin for his birthday, so he and a friend came over and played it. This is a really fun game! You get to do fun things like throw other kaiju at skyscrapers, but it also has surprisingly engaging tactical decisions. You have to manage a hand of cards and your "energy," which is basically the currency used to play your cards. The miniatures are very cool as well.
  • #Windward @ 3p - my 2nd time playing this. It's a fun one! I probably won't go out of my way or ask to play it, but won't turn down a game of it, at least not for the time being. I could see it getting old, but it does have several other game modes that we haven't used, so that's cool.
  • #Draftosaurus @ 5p - played this online and liked it! Super simple, but difficult decisions.

A few different games this week:

  • #7 Wonders (TTS, multiplayer) x 2: I haven't played this game a ton but I quite enjoy it and I can see why it's so popular!  I lost the first game but once I remembered the flow of the game managed a good win in game 2.
  • #Kanban EV (tabletopia, multiplayer):  First time playing this one and I think it is my favourite Lacerda game. I fully admit to feeling like most of his titles add stuff for stuffs sake to a point where I feel it is a bit much. Kanban didn't give me that feeling much at all.  The complexity felt appropriate for the most part.  Fun game!
  • #Hansa Teutonica (tabletopia, multiplayer):  First time playing this one.  For a game with a reasonably simple set of rules there is a lot of things to consider. Blocking other players, getting upgrades or setting yourself up for points.  Which path to take and should you rush the game or take it slow.  Good mix of tactical and strategic thinking with just a hint of meanness. Good game!
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (physical/TTS, solo/multiplayer) x4: No surprise. This is a weekly thing I quite enjoy. I had to try out Ant Man and Wasp as I just got them. I also had an idea for a Spider Woman deck that need some solo play.  For multiplayer I created a Hulk deck that was just pure smash. Quite fun!  It needed some backup because it can be a bit hit and miss (flavour win) but we managed to take out the wrecking crew and I think it performed decently. 

Good week!

Pumped to add 3 games to the list just from today (a rarity for me)

1. #Tiny Epic Tactics


3. #Pax Pamir (Second Edition)

Some here know that my favorite video game of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics and I've yet to play a game since that has given me the full tactical story that FFT had.

That means the hype train is off the charts for me with Triangle Tactics.  Everything I've seen so far looks great and I'm excited to get to the demo (after I finish Breath of the Wild). I'm pretty close to finishing that and I have Octopath Traveller on the docket next.  

Has anyone here played Octobpath Traveller.  I also have Final Fantasy XII in my queue (have you played it yet ?)

I'm also really excited about Mario Golf (to play with my family), and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.  I am dissapointed that there has been no annoucement for a Zelda: Wind Waker port yet (as that is one of my favorite Zelda games).

Also Star Wars Hunters seems like it has potential but it's been so long since I've played that type of game. want do you think of that game?

What a fun question... as you know I try to be very discerning with my purchases for many of the same reasons.  I want to really enjoy what I have.  I still have games I love that don't get played enough.  It also helps me weed out games that maybe aren't my favorites.  I have a few games I'd like to try to sell but haven't had much luck (because I don't have Facebook and don't have access to marketplace).

For me budget is also a factor.

I'm curious if your friends are pushing you to read Red Rising or buy the game?  I say if it's to buy the game because they really love the IP and want to play tell them to get it.  (This is not meant to sound snarky).

Honestly, there isn't much right now that I really want to get (which is a good thing).  I do think I'd at least consider #Ares Expedition - The Terraforming Mars Card Game and #Shadow Tactics - the Board Game.  On a semi related notes, I never get 2P games which is a little sad since there are some great ones out there, but I just don't ever have a chance to play those.

I think I would have waited #Western Legends until after the KS.  I'm glad I backed it and supported it, but from a financial stand point I don't think many of the extras you got from backing were worth what it cost.

I wouldn't say I passed on the #Root KS because it was on KS when I first was really heavy into the hobby and I don't think I had a chance to pay attention enough to back it.