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To publish games that are fun, challenging, and unique.  We believe that gaming is for everybody and that everybody is a gamer; you may have just not found that right game yet!

Renegade was founded in 2014 in San Diego, CA by industry veteran Scott Gaeta. Scott's over 20 years of experience enabled Renegade to gain a foothold immediately, releasing award-winning products and igniting a new era of casual games.

Architects of the West Kingdom board game
Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure board game
Paladins of the West Kingdom board game
Arboretum board game
Rank: 94
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The Fox in the Forest board game
Clank! In! Space! board game
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival board game
Altiplano board game
Rank: 322
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Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated board game
Fuse board game
Rank: 394
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Tiny Epic Tactics, because I won't see it until the new year haha

Another is So, You've Been Eaten. Looking forward to that big time. And the next in the Solo Serious from Renegade Game Studios, this time designed by Scott Almes (just like You've Been Eaten). Both pretty small games, but I love the themes, concepts, and Scott Almes is pretty good at what he does.

One thing to note here is that our ranking system still needs work!

Publishers are only credited with a game's rating if they're the main publisher of that game, which is determined by looking at whether they're the first publisher listed on the game page. And this isn't always reflected correctly on the game pages. There's still a lot of cleanup to do in the batabase.

And besides this, we're just lacking data. For example, #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated has a score of 89 but isn't ranked yet because it doesn't have enough ratings. This would be a nice bump up for Renegade Game Studios' average score. And then there's also the fact that Renegade Game Studios is benefiting from currently being listed as the main publisher of many of the North Sea and West Kingdom titles, which I'd normally associate with Garphill Games. So it's odd that they will benefit from the success of these trilogies when Garphill Games won't. Any thoughts on this?

My wishlist is basically the games that are always on my mind. This includes:

#Warp's Edge: The second game in Renegade Game Studios' Solo Hero Series. A solo bag-builder set in space. Count me in!

The upcoming Call to Adventure: Stormlight Archives version. *DROOOOOOOL*

#Nemesis: I just love this game. The storytelling and thematic nature gets me every time.

#Star Wars: Rebellion: Obviously.

#Star Wars Imperial Assault: Obviously again.

#Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated: I love Clank!, and I love legacy games. These two combinations makes this a game I am desperate to own one day. One loooooong day away haha

Congrats on the house purchase! Glad you were able to do so.

There have been a lot of good suggestions already. I'll try and add to the list.

Certain roll-and-write games such as #Brikks and #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale are simple to learn but still lots of thinky fun (without killing your brain, of course).

I like #Cosmic Factory a lot. It's a real-time game of building galaxies. It's got some neat mechanics and scoring conditions that makes it a lot of fun.

#Dokmus is a fun little abstract game from Renegade Game Studios. Definitely look into this one.

#Fire Tower. I cannot say enough good things about this game! It's heavy on the take-that, so if you don't think a game where you burn the other player's tower up is a good idea, maybe ignore this one. But it is a ton of fun.

#Flag Dash Board Game is a super fun 2v2 game of action programming and, well, capturing flags. It is really so good. 

Since you like worker placement, give #Harbour a look. It's definitely better with more players (as opposed to 1-2), but it's a solid little game.

#Splendor is such a good game as well. Easily accessible and plays quickly enough, but provides a good amount of thought.

#Survive: Escape From Atlantis is one of my favorites. Be warned, though; it's super cutthroat. If you don't think your kids would enjoy having their boat sunk and their meeples eaten by sharks, this one you should pass on. That said, it is soooooo much fun.

Another great one is #Takenoko. I still really love this game.

And, of course, #Tiny Epic Galaxies is a fantastic game.

Looking back at all those, it would appear that all of them are the best ever. Truth be told, I really like them (obviously), and I think they fit your description of what you're looking for. Check them out and see what you think! Good luck!

Renegade game studios? I thought it was garphill games. Do they work together? 

Yeah, a lot of KS has turned into pre-order, which is less favorable to most of us, I'd wager. But, they do make a lot more money (my guess, at least) marketing "STRETCH GOALS!" and "MINIS!" and "KS EXCLUSIVE!" and whatnot. So I understand why they continue doing it. I feel like there are five types of companies out there.

  1. For the small indie, publisher trying to get their work out there, Kickstarter is practically essential. It gives them a chance to publish, and others a chance to enjoy. Without KS, no party would benefit, and many great games would sit helpless by the wayside.
  2. Some companies (like Stonemaier Games, as mentioned in another comment) started with KS then were able to go on their own. I applaud them for this. Straight to retail for dayz!
  3. Other companies are a sort of hybrid, like Renegade Game Studios. They release a number of games straight to retail each year, but they also have Kickstarters for other games. I think this makes it more feasible for them to publish more games in a year, rather than spreading out their straight-to-retail releases over more years, thus delivering fewer titles. I have no science to back that, but it's a thought.
  4. Then there's folks like CMON that really doesn't need to use KS at all but focus on it anyway as a pre-order system. I'll never understand why, since I'm sure they'll sell their games (i.e. miniatures) regardless. But, using a pre-order system ensures they don't lose money on a game.
  5. Unless, of course, you're Golden Bell, and despite countless Kickstarters, they can't seem to stop losing money and charging their backers even more haha

But I hear you. There are a lot of Kickstarters out there. I almost don't mind, though, since it seems to work for a good majority. Games get published, people get their games. Personally, I think there are better ways than simply relying on KS as a FOMO gimmick. But, people seem happy with the way things are, and for many of the KS campaigns out there, we wouldn't have the games we do today (or tomorrow, for that matter) without them. Then there's CMON that simply doesn't give a rat's patoot. haha

Anyway, I'll leave with a quote that seemed (while writing this, at least) appropriate to the topic at hand:

"You and the Naboo [publishers] form a symbiont circle. What happens to one of you will affect the other."

Floor space, it would have to be Renegade Game Studios. As for actual number of games from one company, it's a close race between Gamelyn Games and Renegade Games.

Bullfrogs is a great game. I have the Renegade Game Studios version, but they no longer sell it (I think). A fun take on area control.

I also really like Swamped from Bellwether Games. The constant pursuit from the alligator is a lot of fun while each player in the same boat is trying to accomplish their own goals while trying to doom everyone to death by gator.

Proving Grounds | Comment

I'm not a solo gamer and I rarely read board game reviews. But I had to seeing it's by you! haha

After checking it out though, I really like the idea of including a novellete to go with the game. And I'm actually curious how Renegade Game Studios approached the development of the story. Anyway, I enjoy reading online web comics and light novels, and it made me think about how fun it would be if I could play a game that has art and mechanics set around those stories that I love.

So cool!  I've actually written a number of board-game-inspired short stories, based on games with good (to me) themes. Renegade Game Studios also released Proving Grounds with a novelette, so we're beginning to see more and more literary works combining with board games. Neat!