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Mechs vs. Minions board game
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Oh this was fun last time too!


#Trick Shot - bought from the publisher when extras from the KS became available. Loving this game!

#Jaws - I may or may not have talked Sarah into buying this for me when it was on sale at Target lol. Haven't played yet.

#Calico - picked this up as soon as it came back in stock. As a cat owner, it felt like a must. So far only one solo play but I hope to play it a lot more.

#Carreau - just bought this from after discovering it in their "best dexterity board games" article. Looking forward to its arrival.

Removed/thinking about removing

Can't think of anything I've removed recently.. oh wait #Brikks. Got that one from a secret Santa last year, played it a couple times and gave it to a friend who's girlfriend likes Tetris.

My thinking about removing list is pretty deep these days, especially with the constant need for more space.

#Fabled Fruit - finished up the entirety of the deck not that long ago, so I'm looking to get rid of this. Maybe in a future trade with BoardGameCo.

#Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One - we have to replay the 2nd case and tackle the 3rd before this is a reality, but I'll look to trade/sell immediately after.

#The Networks - I've personally been kind of "eh" on this game for awhile now, but wanted to at least give it a shot at higher player counts. We managed to play it once with 3 so far - not like that's a lot - and not much changed.

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - after playing this so many times on BGA with , , and , I think I've realized I don't need a physical copy of this. Helps that it's one of Sarah's most hated games lol. Which brings me to...

#The Gallerist - I'm still not 100% sure I'll get rid of this. Part of me feels like I'll rarely if ever play it with so many other more accessible games available for me to play and Sarah's hatred for it. But I still do enjoy it..we'll see.

I think that's it for now.

On my radar

When you posted this in March, I gave a pretty lame answer here. To avoid doing the same, I'll at least give you something lol. To be honest though, I'm trying to slow down on my purchases - hoping that #Carreau will be my one acquisition in May. Got a long way to go..

#Junk Art - don't know why I started watching videos of this game, but it looks like a riot.


I should've gotten this when Riot used to sell them for $75 :(

Not sure if I'll get it at some point, but I'll at least say that this is way more my type of co-op game than #Pandemic and #Atlantis Rising (second edition). Anna and I would have a lot of fun with this, especially if there's enough for you to work against the randomness. The missions sound fun and seem like a great way to mix things up.

#Donning the Purple , did a simulated 3 player game.  Very cutthroat.  Rome did not fall, the emperor died four times.  Twice to assassination and twice to food riots.  In the end the sneaky Senatorial player eeked out a win by 2points.  Excited to try it simulated 4 player with the expansion.  #Donning the Purple: Votes & Virtue expansion I was able to complete the play in about an hour, with interruptions.

#Scythe Digital - got a few games of this in with friends.  I miss #Scythe: The Wind Gambit Expansion but I can live without it for the time being.  Also played one #Ticket To Ride digital game, was a fun time.

Fun question as always !

For me, I'm going to have to go with mostly new acquisitions

  1. #Poetry For Neanderthals - This just showed up today and it looks like an absolute riot
  2. #For Sale - Sarah's always told me she doesn't need to have a physical version of this so I'd like to change her mind lol
  3. #Fantastic Factories - was kind enough to purchase this for me. I've been reading up on the rules and want to give it a shot solo today. I'll be posting about it for sure.
  4. #Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One - We have to play this just to see if it's any better for us than #Chronicles of Crime
  5. #Monikers - Not a new one for us but always a favorite with our families.

Oooo , cool, #Obsession is a game I have a high degree of interest in.

Some rare(ish) games to consider:

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition)

#Lisboa Or you could put about any other lacerda in here. 

This is really expensive... But, it's not out of print... You have to buy it from a Canadian distributor, or maybe from If you want more details check out  BGG. #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy.

#Black Sonata

#Brass: Birmingham

#Ortus Regni

Maybe, #Mechs vs. Minions, I don't know if it is still available on the Riot Games website or not. 

#Age of Steam





Mechs vs Minions has incredible production value for the price. I ended up buying it even though another person in my group already had it because it is just amazing. Make sure you get it straight from Riot.  Don’t give those scalpers a premium. 

Played #Donning the Purple again today, this time without the solo rules, I simulated a 3 player experience.  Key events: Rome did not fall.  The emperor was assassinated twice and killed by food riots twice.  In the end, the rich Senatorial player eeked out a victory by 2 points.   The heir player probably should've assassinated 1 or 2 more senators.  Ah well, such is life in Rome.  This will definitely be one of my quicker go to political conniving games.