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Board Games by Bézier Games

Bezier Games, Inc. makes richly themed board games for friends and families to play together. We call our games “the new classics” because people play them long after the shiny has worn off and will continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Replayability is a hallmark of our games. With more options than you can fit in a single play, you’ll always have new things to try. Castles of Mad King Ludwig allows you to build a different castle every game. Whistle Stop uses the same core rules to play on a different board every time. Our component overkill makes every play new, every time.

Accessibility is a crucial “new classic” feature. New players can jump in right away. Even if no one at the table has ever played, the Getting Started Guide in One Night Ultimate Werewolf has you playing within minutes, and our games are great for introducing spouses or significant others to the hobby, opening up the world of gaming to non-gamers.

Suburbia board game
Rank: 81
Trending: 290
One Night Ultimate Werewolf board game
Rank: 95
Trending: 703
Castles of Mad King Ludwig board game
Rank: 100
Trending: 403
One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak board game
Rank: 561
Trending: 1210
New York Slice board game
Rank: 595
Trending: 1482
Werewords board game
Rank: 619
Trending: 1816
Whistle Stop board game
Rank: 755
Trending: 701
Suburbia Inc board game
Rank: 856
Trending: N/A
Favor of the Pharaoh board game
Rank: 885
Trending: 856
Werewords Deluxe Edition board game
Rank: 987
Trending: 1578
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