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Board Games by HABA

These are the board games published by HABA.
Karuba board game
Rank: 300
Trending: N/A
Rhino Hero board game
Rank: 357
Trending: N/A
Animal Upon Animal board game
Rank: 481
Trending: N/A
Rhino Hero: Super Battle board game
Rank: 688
Trending: N/A
Adventure Land board game
Rank: 1311
Trending: N/A
Dancing Eggs board game
Rank: 1642
Trending: N/A
First Orchard board game
Rank: 1666
Trending: N/A
Dragon's Breath board game
Rank: N/A
Trending: N/A
Miyabi board game
Rank: N/A
Trending: N/A
Adventure Land: King & Princess board game
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My first hobby game was #1960: The Making of the President. My wife and I are both political nerds. I can't remember how we found out about it, but it was the theme that sucked us in. We still love it! Some of my other early acquisitions were also politically-themed: #Founding Fathers, #Campaign Manager 2008, and #Tammany Hall.

And then there were lots of kids' games, often from HABA. Our oldest was 5-6 as we were getting into boardgames. #Animal Upon Animal was a particular favorite! Our youngest is 9 now, so we don't play those much any more. But they later saw play at my afterschool club, and I plan on playing them with our grandkids one day!

After that, we picked up many of the hobby staples - #Ticket To Ride, #Agricola, #Pandemic, etc. Those are still games that we play and enjoy. The first game I can remember owning and then deciding wasn't for me was #Richard III: The War of the Roses. I was into the theme, but I just never played it enough to get comfortable with the rules and it felt like I was starting over and making mistakes every time it hit the table.

So overall, a pretty good foundation!

As much as I'd want something for myself,I think I'd get some haba games for my kids. Gotta try and hook them young!

We got our kids (6, 4, and 2) into games early. We started our oldest when she was 2 with some HABA games and have continued to buy things from their line. We also have the classics like chutes & ladders and candyland as well, but I try to avoid those games in favor of good games.

Dexterity games like Pharaoh' Gulo Gulo, Animal Upon Animal, and Yeti in my Spaghetti are popular with them. They also enjoy Monza, I Spy Eagle Eye, TTR: First Journey, and Top That.

Their collection is growing at a break neck pace and I can't wait for them to be old enough to play stuff like Kingdomino or Sushi Go! Although, we do play Go Nuts For Donuts with the 6 and 4 year old with a little help.

I don't know how much that helps the OP. For those of you with younger kids, they may want to play just because they see you're interested in it. Introducing them games that are designed for their age might get them interested as well.