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Board Games by Mattel

These are the board games published by Mattel.
Blokus board game
Rank: 215
Trending: N/A
Apples to Apples board game
Rank: 394
Trending: N/A
UNO board game
Rank: 415
Trending: N/A
Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters board game
Rank: 830
Trending: N/A
Balderdash board game
Rank: 855
Trending: N/A
Blokus Duo board game
Rank: 928
Trending: N/A
Funemployed board game
Rank: 1006
Trending: N/A
Spirits of The Wild board game
Rank: 1038
Trending: N/A
Skip-Bo board game
Rank: 1067
Trending: N/A
Blokus 3D board game
Rank: 1147
Trending: N/A
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I think small is less than 2 full time staff or equivalents. The vast majority of publishers are in this range. 2 Represents a team or a couple doing publishing as their main form of income 

Medium is 3-50 and this is practically everyone else in the industry. 

Large is 50+ and that's really just Games Workshop, Hasbro, WOTC, Mattel and a handfull of others. 

Garphill has 2 full time and 1 part time. So still small, bordering on being considered medium