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Our mission is to create deep, thematic gaming experiences for board game enthusiasts who appreciate rock solid game design with innovative mechanisms, engaging game worlds with detailed artwork, and top-notch production value.

Anachrony board game
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Trickerion board game
Rank: 317
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Cerebria: The Inside World board game
Rank: 1001
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Trickerion: Collector's Edition board game
Anachrony: Infinity Box board game
Anachrony: Fractures of Time board game
Anachrony: Exosuit Commander Pack board game
Trickerion: Dahlgaard's Academy board game
Trickerion: Dawn of Technology board game
Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles board game
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Mindclash Games Made a Chess Game image
Mindclash Games Made a Chess Game [Anachrony]Like| 4 comments | [+]
Board Game Publishers - Tell me your favorites and which games you'd love to see covered by us! Like| 15 comments | [+]
The five upcoming game releases I am most excited for. Like| 6 comments | [+]
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The cover is gorgeous, to no surprise. I've never played one of David Turczi's games, nor any Mindclash games, as my group (and I) usually steer a bit away from heavier games, but I must say that I'm intrigued by this one! I love sci-fi themes, and I've never played a true 4X game, so this would be a first for me. I think whether or not I back this will largely depend on price, so I doubt that I will be backing it, haha.

* Awaken Realms
* Leder Games
* Mindclash Games

What do you think is a good measure of what a "small" publisher is? I ask because most board game publishers seem to be on the small side in terms of the way they operate and the number of titles they put out, just that there's a huge difference in popularity among them due to that 1-2 big hit they managed to make.

Mine are:

  • Garphill Games - Solid titles one after another, but they're too popular and well known to really qualify for the type of publishers you're talking about I think. Exactly how big are they ? I'd imagine it's still a very small team?
  • Mindclash Games - I haven't even played any of their games but I'm highly interested in #Anachrony
  • Wehrlegig Games - I've only played #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) but I love it. Just the fact that Cole Wehrle is behind the game design makes every one of their releases something that I'll look out for

The publishers I have in mind are generally those who have traditionally been in the small and medium size category: companies whose main focus is publishing and releasing board games themselves. In your example, I would consider that there is a difference in size between publishers like Garphill Games and Mindclash Games. I would consider that Mindclash Games is a small publisher, while Garphill Games would be a medium publisher.

I saw Anachrony: Essential Edition on boardlandia for $44 several days ago but didn't go for it. Mainly because it doesn't come with the solo mode and requires you to PnP the ones the publisher made available. The designer is also updating the solo mode and throwing it into #Anachrony: Fractures of Time expansion

My goodness, imagining you with KD:M.. what a beast that would be!

As for my dream game, #Too Many Bones would be on there but that's a highly likely purchase. But in general, games in Chip Theory Games or Mindclash Games' catalog tend to pique my interest but they're always so so expensive!