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Asmodee is a French publisher of board games, card games and role-playing games (RPGs). Founded in 1995 to develop their own games and to publish and distribute for other smaller game developers, they have since acquired numerous other board game publishers, and as of 2018, has become the second-largest publisher of board games, following Hasbro.

7 Wonders board game
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7 Wonders Duel board game
Splendor board game
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Patchwork board game
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Jaipur board game
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Inis board game
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Dixit board game
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Takenoko board game
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Sheriff of Nottingham board game
Mysterium board game
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Asmodee missing piece policy is terrible customer service. Like| 4 comments | [+]
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Just curious, which games were they? And while I know the common practice is for the publishers to deal with it, it sure seems hard on the smaller folks. I've heard about how sending a replacement for a small token can sometimes be more expensive than sending an entirely new copy of a game (I believe it was North Star Games that was having trouble with their finances), and boy that sounds tough (I say this, but I also request for a replacement when needed). Either way, while I definitely don't have the knowledge to comment on that policy, Asmodee's clear lack of care definitely makes me want to avoid them if possible.

One was quacks of quedlinberg, we were missing the yellow wood rat tail token (which is North Star Games). The other missing a card was Res Arcana.  I don't belive claims that it cost more to send out a tiny component than an entire game (although it is certainly more proportionally); unless you are very badly managed, but that's a whole different issue. Missing and damaged components shows you are skimping on training and quality control (something likely inadvertantly happening during the pandemic) I also read that Asmodee's policies are causing financial strain on the publishers they own and retailers alike, which happens when appeasing your investors is your top priority.  Aparrently many retailers are considering no longer carrying Asmodee games.  

It's hard to blame the owners of these publishers. I'm sure Asmodee is putting some pretty big checks in front of them, and in an industry that reportedly has small margins, that's got to be quite alluring. It's concerning though, considering the negative public opinion that has formed around Asmodee in recent times, especially around their recent replacement policy. A lot of small publishers put a lot of focus and energy in customer service, and Asmodee clearly moved that down the priorities list.

On the other hand, having a big business behind these great games hopefully means lower prices (because economy of scale), as well as better supply chains, so I'd hope that stock issues would be less prevalent for Asmodee-owned games.

Oh dear.

Has any Asmodee takeover resulted in an improvement?

Dave knows the answer (from the Board Game Group on Facebook)

For those who are out of the loop, here's some context, where it was announced that Asmodee will no longer replace damaged parts in the US.

I don't like watching Asmodee buy up everyone else. As a general principle I'd rather have a bunch of small guys doing the work than a giant monopoly. Variety is a good thing in this instance.

Isn't Plan B games the same crew that owned Plaid Hat games (bought by asmodee a few years back?). If so, then a model of starting great boardgame brands and selling to Asmodee doesn't seem to be such a bad model for them haha!

It's... complicated but I think you're thinking of F2Z Entertainment?

  1. F2Z Entertainment owned Z-Man Games, Filosofia Editions, Pretzel Games, and Plaid Hat Games
  2. Asmodee eventually acquired F2Z Entertainment
  3. Former president of F2Z Entertainment started Plan B Games
  4. Pretzel Games went to Plan B and no longer under F2Z Entertainment
  5. Asmodee acquires Plan B Games

Edit: Looks like the "winner" here is the former head of F2Z/head of Plan B

The best overall design.

#Star Wars Imperial Assault . The way they refined an already sweet dice mechanic earns my full respect.

Your best memories

#Axis & Allies classic: same set of friends after each period of exams. 

Best cover art

#HeroQuest (original)

The best euro


The best quick game (30m or less)


The first game you loved 

#Hotel Tycoon (formerly known as "Hotel")

The best game you can can fit in your pocket.

A set of poker dice

The most immersive experience

#Star Wars: Rebellion

Your most played game

Close call between #Ticket to Ride: Europe and Earthworms :)

Your favourite components

The twitchy vibrating moving cockroach in #Bugs in the Kitchen | La Cucaracha

The 'to put it politely, I can't fathom how anyone can enjoy this' award

haven't encounter anything yet that has no significant target audience in my eyes. 


My son and I recently houseruled #Hotel Tycoon (our version is still called "hotel").

We changed some values on the deeds for less popular hotels, making them more interesting to invest in.

We plan do integrate new stuff like event cards etc as well.

We used to have some houserules for #Axis & Allies (1984 version) which mostly came from misunderstood rules :D

Since the newer versions, that is no longer an issue.


sometimes houserules are prposed by visitors bring a certian game. the use of it is always discussed before starting the game. No issues so far!


They should hire me to rework #Hotel Tycoon

I'd buy it for sure :)

Back in my day, it was called "Hotel"

TIL that #7 Wonders Duel has an official solo mode:

Guess I know what I'm playing next time I want to solo something...